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Episode 100 Giveaway!

To celebrate episode 100 of the Steel Toe U Podcast, we are giving away a free long sleeved shirt!  The winner will be announced via email and social media.



Mastermind Group

$29.99 first 3 months
Then $59.99 / month

A Mastermind Group is a collective professional mind. The power of connecting and collaborating with your peers will ALWAYS outperform even the most advanced one-on-one coaching systems. This is real time and real life experience. Are you ready?

STOP struggling to figure out how the REAL money is made in landscape contracting


This Mastermind Group is for you if you’ve ever…

 Lived paycheck to paycheck

 Struggled to make payroll

 Don’t have any cash reserves saved

 Been in debt with vendors or employees

 Had customers that seem impossible to deal with

 Wanted to grow but cannot find the right employees

 Found yourself doing all the work yourself

 Damaged a relationship because you spent all your time working

 Neglected yourself and because you “have no time”

Join today and get 50% off your first 3 months
$399 - $199.50 through September 9, 2020
Module I
Introduction to Pavers

*Interlocking Paving Introduction & History
*Paver Strength (Interlock)

Module II
Planning, Bidding, Pricing, Selling

*Basic Job Planning & Job Jacket System
*Estimating Material Quantities
*Understanding Pricing Components
*Overhead in Detail
*Understanding Your Financial Statement
*How to Bid Paver Patios
*Job Planning Spreadsheet (instructional tutorial)

Module IIITechnical Paver Instruction

*Paver Installation Overview
*Subgrade Preparation (Technical Lesson)
*Geotextiles & Edge Restraints
*Bedding & Joint Sand and Aggregates

Module IV
Sales & Project Management

*Sales Techniques
*Easy vs. Complex Projects
*How to Manage a Project
*How to Maintain Pavers
*Hardscape Contracts



Get the full 18 part course for only $199.50 today!

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