How to Install Landscape Lighting

Diversify your current business & learn how to install landscape lighting! 

This series of videos will take you through the tools you need to get started, basic transformer installation, how to install an in-lite transformer, our best tips for installing up lights, how to install a spotlight, how to install path lighting, how to use in-lite patented connectors, and our recommendations for lighting manufacturers.

Video 1 - Introduction to Landscape Lighting

Video 2 - Basic Tools Needed

Video 3 - Basic Transformer Operation

Video 4 - How to Install an Inlite Transformer

Video 5 - Best Tips for Installing Up Lights

Video 6 - How to Install a Spotlight

Video 7 - How to Install a Path Light

Video 8 - How to Use Inlite Patented Connectors

Video 9 - Which Lighting Manufacturers Does Phil Recommend?


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