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10 Basics to Starting a Business

Stan discusses the 10 basic foundation questions every new business owner must consider.

The 10 questions Stan answers are:

  1. Why put in the extra work and start a business instead of getting a job?
  2. How do you get over the startup cost associated with business?
  3. How do you handle the fear of failure?
  4. Where can I find local mentors?
  5. How do you establish your “brand”?
  6. Who and when do I start hiring people?
  7. Should I take on a project even if I’m not good at it?
  8. Should I sub out eventually?
  9. Should I rent, lease, or buy equipment?
  10. How do you get started on a shoestring budget?
  11. How should I structure my business?

This course contains: A 3 part video and a PDF guide.

The recommendations in this course are not legal recommendations and you should always seek a legal advisor before making legal decisions.


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