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Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course

This course is designed for lawn care providers who are looking for a formula for bidding residential lawn care (mowing, fertilizer, manual weeding, and edging).

What will you learn?

  • How to determine your average costs.
  • How to create a formula so bidding is always the same (you could even teach someone else how to do it!)
  • How to check to make sure you bid the job correctly and take action if you underbid it.
  • Formulas for bidding fertilizer for small and large properties.
  • How to bid weeding and edging and propose it to your clients.

    While there are many programs online that allow you to look up and measure a property, this course recommends visiting the site so you know exactly what challenges the property poses.

This course contains: A 3 part video series broken down by topic, a PDF guide, and mp3 versions of the videos (so you can listen if you are on the go).


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