6 Part Business Systems Series

Why do all these “Guru’s” keep telling me I need SYSTEMS?

Well, for starters, you can breathe easy, because we are not Guru’s. 

We do not speak in “THEORIES” and we don’t “PRETEND” to run businesses.

No, we are actually on the front lines, every day, working and operating our construction, hardscape, excavating and lawn care businesses. So when we mention the word system, we are referring to ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE procedures that work fluently and flawlessly to produce a result that in turn, generates more profit. Personally, I get bored reading books about systems that, frustratingly, never actually GIVE you a deliverable solution or system at all. 

So let’s cut to the meat of the matter. I don’t have time to sprinkle pixie dust on all the areas of my business that can cause pain. But I have managed to painstakingly laid out every possible outcome and create a series of documents (“Systems”) that clearly outline the flow of work on a project

One of the best systems we ever created was the JOB JACKET SYSTEM. This business system ALONE is worth over $2,000 easily. And if you paid that much, it would STILL be a no-brainer. I nearly DOUBLED my profits on the very first job I implemented this system on.

Here is what you get in our Job Jacket System:

  • Client Information Sheet (JPR)
  • Scope of Work (JPR)
  • Material List (JPR)
  • Project Work Order Form (JPR)
  • Change Order Form (Separate document)
  • Final Walk Through Form (Separate document)
  • Terms, Conditions, Warranties (Contract – Separate Document)
  • *BONUS* Job Profitability Report (JPR) (Fully Editable Spreadsheet)
  • *NOTE* - These forms are fully editable for YOUR COMPANY and YOUR LETTERHEAD. Just insert YOUR information and the system is ready to implement. 

The next thing I needed to fix was how I was handling leads. I was sick and tired of writing everything on post-it notes and random note pads. I would be driving down the road, answering my phone, asking people to text me their information…it was not only unprofessional, but massively unorganized. 

On top of that, every time I dropped the ball on a lead, it cost me money, profit and time and it hurt my reputation. I decided that if I wanted to earn the trust of potential clients, I had to PROVE I was worthy of it.

That meant my communication with them would need to be flawless from the very first time they contacted me and all the way through to the final sale. That is where the ‘Lead to Sale’ Flowchart came into creation. If you implement this system, you will see between 70%-100% improvement in your close ratio, your online reviews and ratings and your day to day headaches will decrease dramatically. The worst phone call to get as a salesperson is when the client has to remind YOU, that you are late or you forgot something. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to track each call
  • How to qualify prospects
  • How to turn prospects into clients
  • How to turn clients, into repeat clients
  • How to turn your business into a SALES MACHINE

Having figured out my production using our Job Jacket System, and having solved the problem of how to effectively handle every lead, it was time to turn my business into a MONEY PRINTING MACHINE. That is where we created our ‘Marketing System’. The Marketing Systems goes into great detail on identifying our “TARGET CLIENT”. It further breaks down every single activity that needs to be completed daily, weekly, monthly and annually. 

WARNING: If you implement this system, your phone will ring like crazy! Only do this if you are absolutely ready to grow and handle more business!

Wow, now I had nearly the whole plan figured out. The phones were ringing, jobs were being sold, projects were being completed efficiently, profitably and we were the talk of the town when it came to the very best quality. But I needed another plan for all my money. Since creating these real-life systems worked so well for the other areas of my business, why not create a system for my money? Makes perfect sense…so I got to work on my money plan and here’s what I came up with…

What if I decided to pay myself FIRST? What if I took my profit on the front end, essentially forcing myself to stay on budget for the rest of the project, right? It’s goes against the grain of nearly every accounting principle but I was just tired of living with what was “left over” from the job.

I wanted CERTAINTY that when I expected a 30% profit or a 40% profit that I would get it, no matter what. So this system builds on the growing popularity of Profit First Accounting. We lay out, step-by-step, exactly how to allocate money from every single payment you receive, into different bank accounts that nearly guarantees that your profit is ALWAYS safeguarded and, at the same time, you ALWAYS have enough money to make payroll, pay vendors and buy materials. How much would a guarantee like that be worth to you? Separately, we offer this education for $1,995. And it’s worth far more than that. But with our 6-Part System Series, it’s already included. 

For just $399, you get our most comprehensive and complete 6-Part series on how to immediately implement these systems in your business.

The complete course includes:

  • Part 1 – Overview of Landscaping Business Systems
  • Part 2– Production System: Job Jacket
  • Part 3 – Sales System: Lead to Sale Flowchart
  • Part 4 – Sales System: Marketing
  • Part 5 – Office System: Accounting
  • Part 6 – Office System: Money (Profit First)

And I’ll give you one last warning…seriously, some people are truly NOT prepared to make this much money. To them, struggle has become a way of life. There’s some sort of honor in doing battle in the trenches. 

These systems are for those entrepreneurs that are 100% ready to RADICALLY improve their life and to substantially increase the amount of money in their bank account. So I ask you… “ARE YOU READY?”



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