Steel Toe University's
💥Explosive Growth Series💥

The information in this power-packed course was designed by contractors just like you! 
If contractors could only have access to this guided
step-by-step curriculum, then we could help build strong businesses.  You’ll be learning the EXACT same skills we use in our own construction, hardscape, lawn maintenance and excavating businesses.

We don’t talk about “theories”, we talk ACTUAL numbers.


Here's what's included:

6 Parts of Implementing Business Systems!

Part 1 – Overview of Business Systems

Part 2– Production System: Job Jacket

Part 3 – Sales System: Lead to Sale Flowchart

Part 4 – Sales System: Marketing

Part 5 – Office System: Accounting

Part 6 – Office System: Money (Profit First)

Our JOB JACKET system alone contains: Client Information Sheet (JPR), Scope of Work (JPR), Material List (JPR), Project Work Order Form (JPR), Change Order Form (Separate document), Final Walk Through Form (Separate document) Terms, Conditions, Warranties (Contract – Separate Document)
*BONUS* Job Profitability Report (JPR) 

Bidding & Estimating Series

Module I - Understanding Pricing Components

1 - Introduction 

2 - Revenue 

3 - Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

4 - Overhead

5 - Overhead in DETAIL

6 - Profit

7 - Micro Changes

8 - Wrap Up

Module II - Understanding Financial Statements

1 - Intro

2 - Balance Sheet

3 - Profit & Loss Statement

4 - Cash Flow Statement

5 - Wrap Up

Invest in yourself by taking advantage of this incredible offer and you could be less than 90 days away from true freedom in your business. Imagine what your world would be like if sales were being made on the spot, if your production was flawless with no waste or inefficiency, if you had a rock-solid contract that protected you, if you had all the business forms and systems needed to handle any problems that arise. Imagine if YOUR business consistently brought in NET PROFITS in excess of 40%. 

Step by Step

This course walks you step by step on how to utilize and implement these systems and position your company for growth and profit.

Expert Information

These systems and estimating spreadsheets are what we use daily in our own thriving businesses. They have been designed for immediate application.

Language you Know

We are business owners - this course uses the every day language of business owners. Easy to follow and understand from start to finish. 

You can also buy these two courses separately!

You'll save money buying these courses together, but if one course is enough, purchase them as individual business building tools!


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