For the first time in the history of Dirt Monkey University and for that matter, in the history of landscape education, we’ve brought TWO AMAZING PRODUCTS TOGETHER.

WARNING: If you are not fully prepared to completely transform your business and quite likely DOUBLE your profits (and more), then I recommend you don’t purchase this program and instead start by getting clear on what you want. However, if you are one of the HUNGRY contractors that wants to STOP being a babysitter or micromanager and is ready to LAUNCH their business into the BIG LEAGUES, then these two programs together will get you there….and FAST!

I’m talking about our two most popular courses…

The 9-Part Bidding & Estimating Series and the 6-Part Systems Series. 

Are you wondering if this program is right for you? Take a moment and answers these questions below.

  • What does is cost you per hour to be in business? 
  • What is your sales target next year? 
  • What is your revenue goal? 
  • What is your average net margin per job? 
  • What is your Net Margin goal for next year? 
  • What is the average revenue per client right now? 
  • What is your goal to increase that number?
  • What is the first action you take when a new lead comes in?
  • What portion of your marketing plan is your crew responsible for?
  • What action items need to be taken on a daily basis? How about weekly, monthly and annually?
  • How do you account for wasted materials on a project site?

Did you have any trouble answering these questions from the top of your head? When you are finished with our courses, you will know the EXACT answer to each of these questions without even having to think about it. How would that knowledge impact your confidence level?


Let me be Frank with you…there is no school, no consultant, no guru and no other place online that offers this step-by-step, detailed course that will literally TRANSFORM your business. There’s some that “pretend” to offer snippets of this information but they are in the business of writing books about “MYTHS”. The information in this power-packed course was designed by contractors just like you and for contractors, just like all of us! The people who have completed these courses see results almost immediately. Within 30 days you will be back to running a profitable business. Within 90 days you will have more repeat clients and new clients than you’ve had in previous years…COMBINED. In 6 months, you will have generated more profit than you ever thought was possible. Every bill will be current, you will never worry about meeting payroll again and you will have all of your profits neatly stored away in the bank. 

Do you ever wonder if you’re charging enough for your jobs? Do you feel like you work too much and don’t spend enough quality time with your family? When was the last time you went on vacation?

Invest in yourself by taking advantage of this incredible one-time offer and you could be less than 90 days away from true freedom in your business. Imagine what your world would be like if sales were being made on the spot, if your production was flawless with no waste or inefficiency, if you had a rock-solid contract that protected you, if you had all the business forms and systems needed to handle any problems that arise. Imagine if YOUR business consistently brought in NET PROFITS in excess of 40%. 

None of this is too good to be true and these programs will walk you step-by-step through the whole process. You can immerse yourself in every lesson over the course of a few days and come out with over two decades of knowledge and actionable, ready-to-use systems. Then, go back through the program again and you will gain deeper insights into perfecting your bidding, estimating, contract writing and systems creation processes.

We’ve taught these systems together in a 3-day live format at a cost of $7,000. And even if you paid that, you would gain back every penny and far more. You can get this new EXPLOSIVE GROWTH SERIES FOR JUST $999.

These two programs were created with the thought in mind that if contractors could only have access to this guided step-by-step curriculum, then we could change the lives of thousands of contractors. And to say this has worked is an understatement. You’ll be learning the EXACT same skills we use in our own construction, hardscape, lawn maintenance and excavating businesses. We don’t talk about “theories”, we talk ACTUAL numbers.


The complete course includes:
6-Part System Series:
  • Part 1 – Overview of Landscaping Business Systems

  • Part 2– Production System: Job Jacket

  • Part 3 – Sales System: Lead to Sale Flowchart

  • Part 4 – Sales System: Marketing

  • Part 5 – Office System: Accounting

  • Part 6 – Office System: Money (Profit First)

9-Part Bidding & Estimating Series:
  • Part 1 – Understanding Pricing Components 

  • Part 2 – Overhead in detail

  • Part 3 – Understanding your Financial Statements

  • Part 4 – How to bid Sod jobs

  • Part 5 – How to bid Paver Patios

  • Part 6 – How to bid Retaining Walls

  • Part 7 – How to bid Drainage

  • Part 8 – How to write a Contract

  • Part 9 – How to NEVER lose money on a job!

 These systems are for those entrepreneurs that are 100% ready to RADICALLY improve their life and to substantially increase the amount of money in their bank account. So I ask you… “ARE YOU READY?”


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