Abandoned Fire Burned House Overrun with Mold, Dead Animals and Putrid Smells

The house behind me has been on fire and these are typically the worst ones to go in and explore. Falling apart. The ceiling is coming off. That was probably the wrong thing. To do. Just. OK standing in something really slimy.

Walls and Floors

You've got a number of factors: A. You never know what walls or floors are about to collapse at any given time. And when I was telling you you've got to be careful on the floor? Squishy parts like this take you all the way down.  B. The smell is a combination of soot and mold. When they put the fire out what usually happens, is the hose doesn't get a chance to dry and then it becomes a habitat for mold, and it becomes also a natural habitat for animals. Something's dead, something died. So we don't know what we're going to get into, when we go into this house. Of all the homes you get into, the smell in these usually stays with you the longest. Because it just gets into every crevice of your body. How bad is the mold in a place like this. This is, this is pure mold. That's pure. This is pure mold in every corner of this home. All right, let's go to the next part of the house. Walk with my head down. Let's go to this back room, this door it's just covered in mold. It's everywhere in this house. Every wall. Every. What do they got going on in here. Down this hall is the room where the smell was coming from is on the other side of this wall.

Mold Formation

Oh like this room. Now I get it. Reeks so bad. Boy. The ceiling is coming down; there's no air in here you can just see where everything is. Falling apart, the ceiling is coming off. That was probably the wrong thing to do. OK if I had initially walked into this room, I would have just lost it. But look at what we've got; look at the conditions we've got going on here you can't really tell by looking at it. But this is a bath tub. This is standing it's something I mean or not, this is the shower where people used to clean up in here. Now mold has just taken everything. The smell of the toilet just. It's not the bath tub it's the toilet right there I think it's out of the next room. Here, so kind of interesting. Steel beams running through this house. Those get saved. Imagine that when this house was on fire one of the most important things you can do when you go through this, is to look at the conditions of the joists. Because when you get up to the upper floors, you never know where the joist might be almost completely burned through and then all it takes is your weight to set it off crashing down on top of you. I've taken there ride once or twice in my life and it's not fun. So a good place to start is at the ground, and work your way up and keep looking up as you go.

Moving Upstairs

All right this time, we started in the basement. Let's work our way upstairs see what we've got going on. This is where you want to be extra careful. Never know what the condition of the floors are going to be like. You can see everything that's charred. A lot of this house was just damaged by smoke, but the water from putting the fire out did as much damage to the house as the fire does. You can look and you can see where all this sheet rock is falling down; this didn't happen from the fire, it happened when they put the fire out. All right, the garage wasn't on fire, let's go check it out. Maybe it won't smell so bad. Oh my god, I just wasn't ready for that. I just came out of that smoky house and I opened up these doors and the smell of stale urine just boom, hit me in the face. It looks like the squirrels have been nesting in this place, probably for months, using it as their personal urinal. And I just walked into it. I kind of feel like a human toilet cake.


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