STU 104 - Put Marketing Dollars in Your Website First


Building a website that drives online traffic to your business can be a challenging task. Understanding how the Google algorithms work and earning Page 1 organic visibility is a science. In today’s episode we’ll speak with Mike Tomaino, owner of Platinum Arts, who’ll explain what it takes to have your website dominate in your local market.

Michael Tomaino
Platinum Arts
Platinum Arts LLC is an internationally recognized award winning company founded in 2007 with projects featured in numerous magazines.

Core Services Provided:

+ Website Development
+ Copywriting, Internet Marketing and Marketing Strategy
+ Game Design

Marketing and Copywriting Services:

+ Website Copy for Content Pages, Landing Pages, Product Descriptions, and Sales Pages
+ SEO Optimization, Link Building, and Search Engine Ranking
+ Explainer Video Scripts
+ Email Marketing and Sales Emails
+ Newsletters
+ Press Releases


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