Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Review

Bobcat T-180

Today we're going to talk about the Bobcat T-180 and why you may want or may not want this machine in your company. We're going to cover the pros and cons of what this machine can do and what the limitations of this machine are. If you’re looking at a tracked machine, understand what kinds of Bobcat or any tracks machine. There is absolutely no give in this track system.  Not all tracks are created the same. Be careful when you buy a track machine, because you've got to get the right one for what you're doing. We work in the dirt.  You’ll see we've got a very aggressive tread design on here that works great in a situation like this.  But if you go to get on snow or ice, this machine won't move. When you get on hard pavement you're trying to plow with a machine like this forget it.  You're going to have a difficult time moving and you're going to have one hell of a sore back when you're done.

Track Design

There is a track design that has a floating track design where it goes up and down, and it has a little more give in it and then the tread design on the track itself. There are certain tracks that aren't as aggressive as this.  They are a little flatter, but they give you better grip than in the snow where you can actually drive up.  Although it's great for flooding and mud and great for grading and leveling; you're not going to do much else with this particular track system. So make sure that you pick the right track system for how you're going to be using it. If you don't understand the different tracks, do some research on it. but I'm just I was here to make you aware of it. The T-180 floats in the mud and you can get more stuff done that you can do with tires.  


The T-180 floats in the mud and you can get more stuff done than you can do with tires. Here we have 3-tired machines and one track machine and so far this year, all we've used is this track machine. In March and April, it's wet and nasty. This machine is going to be working and now if we work up a street we don't use this machine, we don't like to use this machine when we work for street and go into a site simply because those tracks are more expensive than a set of rubber tyres and less forgiving when you're bouncing over a curb. Even a small ridge, like right there, hurts when you're driving a skid loader like this,I feel that t-180 in particular could use a benefit from having a little bit more power but then when they call them the T-190 Yeah, that’s why we call it a T-190.

More Power

I feel that t-180 in particular could use a benefit from having a little bit more power but then when they call them the T-190 Yeah, that’s why we call it a T-190.The benefit to most tracks good steep even on the steep slopes they are incredibly stable able to float and maneuver where a tyred machine will not take you, but make sure your tracks are tight because there is nothing more miserable than losing tracks on the side of a steep hill. But as you can see this picture, these machines can go where no tyred machine can. Next we're going to look at the engine compartment on a Bobcat-T 180.  Here’s a typical problem Bobcats face. The lights pop up, and I'm surprised both of them are still in. Did you do any maintenance on this T-180 to keep both lights in? This one is dirty but here's the backside of this T-180 did you put the light back? I'm just guessing it had to be out right.

Locking Fuel System

What I like about this one is, the fuel system is sealed inside and you can lock this back door. So, there's your fuel system Bobcats are great. I love the serviceability on a Bobcat. Everything that you need is right there.  All the things that you really need to keep right there, right available. Bobcat-T180 is a great little dirt machine could benefit from a little bit more power. It would be nice to have a little bit more forgiveness in the track situation. Forget about using this machine in the snow, if you need to climb a pile, it just won't do it. It can plow in the snow, but you're going to have a little bit more of a struggle than a tired machine. Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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