Can 1 Landscaping Job = 60 lawn cuts?

I'm meeting with Brian right now. We are going to be re-landscaping, and so I make sure we are on the same page.  What we’re going to be doing is we will be getting rid of these trees and bushes. I’m going to cut all of the bushes down.  We’re going to haul that out.

Think Outside the Box

If you guys cut grass, I want you to start thinking a little bit outside the box and expanding your services.  I’m going to take you step by step through this $2,400 dollar job. It took us two days to complete with two guys and a minimal amount of materials.  Now you see me running a skid loader right here. You don’t need a skid loader to pop trees on the ground. Keith Kalfas has an amazing video where he shows doing the exact same work with a pickup truck. But I want you to understand that this project was done in two days.

2 days = 60 Lawns

It would be equal to cutting 60 lawns over the course of a summer. The profits are immense because of the skill involved, and it really is just a learning curve. I want you guys to go and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Once you try something new, you’re going to know how to repeat it over and over and do better each and every time. What you seeing right here is the edging machine that gets attached to the echo multi-tool. I think it’s a PAS280 or something like that.  The more I use this multi-tool, the more I absolutely love it. This edging attachment is a really cool thing to create an edgeless garden bed, but you can do a lot more with it.  If you’re a sprinkler company and you need to dig in a line...

Echo PAS280

Now Echo doesn’t recommend you use this tool for this, but you can cut a nice, even trench. You can pop sprinkler lines in. You can bury phone lines, cable lines, anything along those things. Wherever you need a clean even trench, this thing works amazing. I also love the fact that I can pull that thing off the edge end of the tool and pop on a power broom.   You can have one piece of equipment that does a lot of different functions. It really helps and it eliminates this crappy blackjack edging. I absolutely hate blackjack edging because over the course of years it pops up it sinks it gets damaged.  


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