Can a Kinetic Wood Splitter Handle Big Logs ?!?

Speaker 1: Cool.

Speaker 1: Alright guys. In the first video, Frankie spouted his little mouth off, bragging about how he could beat any log splitter out there, but when it came to the Power King Log Splitter, he pretty much met his match. This thing was lightning fast and you've guys seen just how fast this thing could operate. Well, I wanted to find out what made this tick. So, in today's video, I'm going to pull it all apart.

Speaker 1: I'm going to look at it in depth to try to figure out how this thing works and what's good about it, and what's not so hot about it. But before we get into this thing, I will tell you that I actually do like this log splitter. So, I'm going to put a link to it down below where you can buy it on Amazon for residential use, occasional use. This is a fine unit. Now, I did go out and do a ton of research and found what I consider to be the best unit on the market. And so, that's going to come up in the next video in this series where we take my brand new Toro log splitter against this brand new Power King log splitter and see how much of a difference there is.

Speaker 1: That's on the next video. Today, you're going to see exactly what makes this Power King tick and if it's right for you guys. So, let's just do this.

Speaker 1: Alright, let's crack this open and see what makes this thing tick inside of it.

Frankie: Kohler motor. It's a good motor.

Speaker 1: Yeah, Kohler's are good motors.

Frankie: That's what they run in John Deere lawn mowers.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I'll take a Honda any day of the week though.

Elliot: They're quiet as hell.

Speaker 1: What? This Kohler?

Elliot: No, Hondas.

Frankie: Honda.

Speaker 1: Hondas are just awesome, all around.

Elliot: I think that's the last one.

Speaker 1: Okay, so you've taken the whole safety shroud off.

Frankie: Come up this way first.

Elliot: Just straight up or?

Frankie: [inaudible 00:03:02]

Elliot: I got a couple more bolts over here I can take off, but I don't know if I have to.

Elliot: Oops.

Speaker 1: I like it already. Cast iron flywheel. Is it cast iron?

Elliot: Yeah.

Frankie: It was a bolt maybe that came out at one time or something.

Elliot: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Maybe get out of the way.

Frankie: You want to move this stuff if you're going to start it.

Elliot: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Frankie: You might want to move your nuts and bolts, too.

Elliot: Yeah.

Frankie: You got to let go of this once you drop it in?

Elliot: Basically. So.

Frankie: Yeah, see. Once that splits, that kicks that back. Then, that automatically just springs it back.

Speaker 1: So, what makes it spring back?

Frankie: Just a giant spring.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you definitely need a guard on that sucker. Don't you?

Frankie: Yeah.

Elliot: I'll stat it up if you want to put your finger in there.

Speaker 1: What?

Frankie: It's just a big old fucking-

Speaker 1: Okay. so, wait a minute. Oh, here's the spring.

Frankie: There's two of them.

Elliot: Other side.

Speaker 1: Okay. So, there's a spring on this side.

Frankie: And this side.

Speaker 1: And this side. So, when you roll it forward.

Frankie: That notch.

Elliot: Until the handle flies into that notch.

Speaker 1: We get into there.

Elliot: And when it's running, it has enough centrifugal force to do that.

Frankie: Yeah. Now, what the heck is-

Speaker 1: I'm glad your teeth weren't in the way of that.

Elliot: Yeah, no.

Speaker 1: Okay, so this was-

Frankie: Oh, if this isn't setting hard enough, you can adjust this bolt and make sure it's setting-

Elliot: Right.

Frankie: Biting those teeth so it does lock it down.

Elliot: Right. Because those things are always spinning and you're forcing this into it. So, those will probably over time will wear these teeth.

Speaker 1: Oh, yeah. Right there. Look it. Oh, that's going to wear down. You know that because that's going to grind right in there.

Elliot: Right, because once this starts, those gears are always spinning and it's pushing this bar down like that, is what engages it.

Speaker 1: Right. Okay. So, let me see if I can see so I can explain this to these guys. Alright, you guys, you see this bar right ... you got a long stick or something, Elliot, you could? I want to show these guys. Get your little pointer stick in there.

Elliot: The gear right there.

Speaker 1: So that's the gear and that's spinning, spinning, spinning and then all of a sudden you slam this down and it catches.

Elliot: Right. And by bringing that lever down, this goes down.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Then you engage that gear.

Elliot: Boom.

Speaker 1: It slams it forward. Then it hits the spring and it pops it back.

Elliot: Right.

Speaker 1: That's going to be a replacement part for sure.

Speaker 1: Alright. So, now we're going to take this to the next step. We got some big ones.

Elliot: Do you want to go big or go home or start with some ... I mean, that's bigger than anything I split already.

Speaker 1: Alright. Try that one first and then, let's do the other ones and see if it can handle it. Those are some big boys. I don't like swearing. Hey. I made a New Years resolution eight years ago not to swear anymore and I've actually done pretty good holding up to it. Alright, let's see how this works.

Elliot: [crosstalk 00:07:14]

Speaker 1: Yeah. I think the more you cuss and swear, the more you sound like an idjit.

Elliot: Get in here and watch this action. See, the flywheel's spinning. As soon as I thrust this lever forward, that's going to go down and it's going to split the wood.

Speaker 1: 3, 2. Do it one more time. I'm going to back up.

Elliot: Ready?

Speaker 1: Fastest log splitter in the west. Wow. We know it's got the speed, but does it have the power?

Elliot: I don't think it does.

Speaker 1: Alright. Oh! We found the Achilles Heel. Alright. We found the weakness.

Elliot: Look at that. That thing is just buried in there.

Speaker 1: Split it. So, this is good. Let's try the other ones, too. We'll see what it does on those. Maybe this one was just-

Frankie: They're all going to do the same thing.

Elliot: It's not a stump splitter. It's a log splitter.

Speaker 1: But a hydraulic splitter would handle that.

Frankie: Yeah, a hydraulic splitter.

Speaker 1: Yep. Hydraulic splitter would just cement mixer, [inaudible 00:09:22]. Yep. Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting.

Elliot: Now, that's still really wet wood, too.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Elliot: I wonder if it was dryer.

Speaker 1: Grab another log. Let's see.

Frankie: Maybe if it was cold, it would.

Speaker 1: Yeah, they'd probably pop when it's cold.

Frankie: And another thing. That fast log splitter. Now, his wood's over there. Mine's already thrown in the pile.

Elliot: I wouldn't be laughing like that, you might [inaudible 00:10:02].

Speaker 1: Huh. See, I kind of thought it had it in it. I thought maybe that one had a weird knot in it. Yeah. Alright.

Elliot: Got it. It was a weird shape, too.

Speaker 1: Get that big, big one. See what it does. No, get the mama's boy right there. That's the mama's boy. Let's see if Elliot can lift mama's boy. Alright, Instagram, can Elliot lift mama's boy.

Elliot: Jesus.

Speaker 1: All the way over to his log splitter. Relax. He's got a point to prove. Now, can his log splitter handle it? That's the second question.

Elliot: No way.

Speaker 1: Frankie!

Elliot: What the heck?

Speaker 1: Did you see that?

Speaker 1: I don't know, I think it gained my respect back.

Speaker 1: So, now you've seen it split that wood, too. Question is, would you buy it still Frankie?

Frankie: Oh, would I?

Speaker 1: Yeah, now you've seen it struggle with that one piece, but it was able to handle the-

Frankie: Don't matter. I'd still buy it. Most of the stuff I split is that size anyway.

Speaker 1: So, is that a yes or a no?

Frankie: I'd buy it. Yeah. I'd still buy that.

Speaker 1: That would be the one.

Frankie: Yeah.

Speaker 1: If you were going to buy one, that'd be it?

Frankie: Yeah.

Speaker 1: I'd have to agree. If I was going to buy one-

Elliot: I'm shocked it went right through that thing.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Frankie: It's pretty rotted.

Speaker 1: It's rotted.

Elliot: It was.

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's-

Frankie: You get a green stump, she'd probably-

Elliot: Well, that one piece there was really green.

Speaker 1: Alright, so that one right there, that's going to give it a challenge. Grab that one, see if it does.

Elliot: Which one was it?

Speaker 1: That crooked one. I bet that crooked one. What do you think? That crooked one.

Frankie: Oh, but I've already cut on it with the saw. That's why I was trying to hit it with the-

Speaker 1: Oh, you've already got it going. Oh, okay.

Frankie: Yeah, see. And I've already been trying to-

Speaker 1: You've already been working on that one.

Frankie: Yeah. I mean, let's go ahead and split it.

Speaker 1: Hey, Elliot.

Elliot: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Aren't you glad you came over to do a log splitting video with us?

Elliot: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Actually, I'm glad you brought this thing over. That is awesome dude.

Elliot: Something to put on your Christmas list now. Right?

Speaker 1: Oh, my gosh. That is for sure the best log splitter. I'd have to say that's the best log splitter I've seen. I'm going to give that. What's that?

Frankie: [inaudible 00:13:28]

Speaker 1: I like my old handmade log-

Speaker 1: Nice. Hey, you want me to take a video with your phone? Hey, when you tell people the name of your Instagram channel.

Elliot: You want me to film with it?

Speaker 1: Yeah, so put it on me. So, Elliot's got his own Instagram channel.

Elliot: Hold on. Is it? Is it still filming?

Speaker 1: Yeah. It's filming.

Speaker 1: So, Elliot's got his own Instagram channel and he likes to take videos of my stuff. And it's called Tool_in_hand_Construction. So, my question to you is Elliot, when you tell people the name of your Instagram channel. Do you tell them Tool_in_hand_Construction or how do you.

Elliot: A**hole.

Speaker 1: Alright, guys. This Power King, I think it's an amazing log splitter for residential, home owner use. If you're going to be making a living cutting firewood, this one's not for you. The Toro log splitter that you're going to see in the next video is for you. At least I think it is. So, hopefully this video series has helped you out. The first video in this series, we took Frankie up against this Power King log splitter and he didn't get smoked, but he didn't beat it like he thought he would.

Speaker 1: Today, we pulled this thing all apart to show you guys what it's actually made out of. So, if you're thinking about buying it, check the links down below. Still a great log splitter. And the last video in this series, or the third video in this series is the one that I went out and picked up for myself because I wanted something that I could pass down from one generation to the next. I firmly believe that a tool should last, a good tool should last longer than you need it to. And if you can buy something that you can hand down. Well, why not?

Speaker 1: So, that's coming up next. Make sure you guys stick around. God bless. Go get them you guys.


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