Chainsaw Review- Gas or Electric - Does Dewalt Stand a Chance?

We're going to be talking about chainsaws today, and specifically their applications. we're not going to go in technical details of how many cc's a gas powered chainsaw may have; if you want those kind of details I'm going to recommend you go check out my friends at the Tools in Action crew over on YouTube.

Tools in Action

Tools in Action show: What's up you guys?! Welcome to the Tool-a-Thon. It's going to be a weekly show where we show you guys the latest in tool innovation. Stan: They have phenomenal reviews! Today what we're going to be talking about is real world application. When you may need a gas powered chain saw, and IF an electric chainsaw could even be a viable option in your arsenal. So let's get started. Three, two, one. Alright, before I get started, the one thing I want to point out is I've never accepted any kind of money to do a tool review. That way I get to say what I want about all of these tools, good, bad, or in between, the companies can't control me. That may also be the reason why some companies don't like to have me talk about their stuff. It's not so much about the brands today, as its application. The only reason I have this Steel Chops on here is just to show that I run them all, but I literally didn't have my Farm Boss handy to shoot this video. But I wanted to show you that I run almost every brand out there. With that being said, there is a time and a place that you're going to want to go with a commercial grade chainsaw.


To grab a chainsaw, it's like putting on a pair of pants. You've got to do it every day before you go to work. You're going to want to bump up to a commercial grade unit. The difference between this unit and this Craftsman unit, is a huge difference in power, performance, longevity. We had an opportunity to beat the crap out of this Timberwolf CS 590. We intentionally had a dull blade on it. I hadn't started this chainsaw in 8 months. Fired it up rough, and put it to work on this  locus wood stump. It is one of the hardest woods, at least in Minnesota, and this thing never bogged down, it never gave us any issues and it went to town like a fricking Marine. I absolutely love this chainsaw. It may not be the right choice for you, so if you do light commercial work or strictly residential, or you're a homeowner and you want a low maintenance saw, this is when the electric becomes a viable option. Versus a gas-powered equivalent. This DEWALT is going to give it a run for its money. It's able to deliver all the power that a gas equivalent has, but it has just a few key advantages that may be a tipping point for people that maybe aren't mechanically inclined or like doing maintenance on their power tools. That's where this thing shines. That's where this thing takes over. This is the first time either one of us has ever used or ran an electric chainsaw in our life, right? Dang, that thing cuts actually pretty well!

Electric Chainsaws?

Cutter: Perfectly nice. Less kick, there isn't flailing when you hit the gas. Stan: And my initial impression was, this is a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be. It has enough power to handle a mid-size project; we cut up an entire tree and how much battery did we use on this thing? We got a little indicator light, we used about a third of the battery to cut up that tree. With the gas powered chainsaw you have to maintain it. If you don't use this on a monthly basis and let it set for a while, you're going to fire it up and it's very likely going to be fouled and give you a problem. The electric chainsaw has none of those issues, has none of those components and will never foul. You can pull this chainsaw apart, hang it on the wall, pick it up a year later, and as long as it's got bar and chain oil in it, it will run exactly the same as the day you hung it on the wall.

DeWalt Electric Chainsaw

Stan: You cut down four trees total with that DEWALT. You went through how many batteries? A little over one. I haven't checked the second one but I barely used it. Stan: One battery. So the kind of stuff you're cutting down, is this crap wood we've got on this property. Like you see behind us. You think the DEWALT can handle that? Easily. Stan: What about a twenty-four inch oak? Ah, I think it'd struggle a little bit on that. Stan: (Laughs) But if you're not cutting up twenty-four inch oak, and you've got a bunch of crap wood like we've got on this property, and you want to clear it up, I'd say that's a decent saw for that. It's really nice. It's lighter, it's not loud. It does just as good as a job. Stan: Did it bog down? Not really. Stan: Never? Well, that's pretty impressive. I mean for me, I was impressed. What about you? Very impressed. Stan: Ok, QUESTION. Would you ever buy one?

Would You Buy an Electric Chainsaw?

Me? Yeah, probably. For just around the house work stuff, down in the yard, it is perfect. Stan: You don't need anything bigger, and you don't have to hassle with gas. I discovered that it absolutely delivered everything that an equivalent gas powered unit does. It's always on. And what I mean is, as soon as you hook that battery up, pull that throttle down, it's fired. It's as simple as that. You're not checking anything else out, you don't have to prime it to get it to go. Pop the battery and you're ready to go. I would have never thought that this chainsaw could deliver the power that it did, I would have never thought that the battery would last as long as it did. Now I want to hear from you guys. Electric tools have come a long way and I was absolutely surprised by how much performance this DEWALT chainsaw was able to deliver. I want to know what your favorite tool is and why. Put them down in the comments below, because I read everything you guys write. God bless, love you guys, love you gals. Go get 'em brothers and sisters!


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