Conquer Doubts to be Successful


It will kill any chance you have at success more than any other single factor.

Doubt comes from other people planting seeds in your mind that you allowed to grow. If you want to make it in this world, t he first thing you've got to do is you've got to conquer those inner voices. Those inner demons that are crawling around inside your brain telling you that you can't do it. Well, guess what. Every time you listen to them they win. Plain and simple. It's something that you can not overcome unless you learn to control shut those voices up. You have absolutely no limits in the world. There is no excuse why you can't be successful w hen you learn to conquer your own doubt and n fears. It isn't about education. It isn't about your background or the color of the skin. I don't care if you're a man or woman.  It has nothing to do with you.

Let's get something straight. He doesn't care if you're 16 or 60 years old.  A lot of people think, "well I'm too young to really make it big." No. That's where people start. Or the opposite case. I'm told,  " I had my chance and I'm over the hill" or " I can't make it ." I f ailed so many times in the past. That is all. Don't be too young to be too old. Those are excuses and those are reasons why you will never make it.


But don't allow anything to stop you. Just shut those voices and learn to give it everything you have. In this world. I want to use Oprah as an example. She had an uphill battle. Oprah had the biggest challenge to conquer the media. No one knew her. You probably have mixed emotions about her. You're probably envious of her and you damn well should be because she came from nothing. She absolutely conquered multimedia.

Oprah is a shining example of what can be accomplished when you conquer doubt. Most successful people in the world face the biggest hurdles. That's w hat makes them successful. It is their ability to overcome those hurdles. It wasn't because they had everything lined up just right. And they didn't have any challenges that they were going to face. The opposite is the truth. These people had challenges and they know from the experience of taking them on. That made them a stronger, individual smarter individual. M ore importantly than that, a A more graceful person.

Misery Loves Company

People in your life oftentimes don't want to see you succeed where they fail. They don't want to see you going beyond their maximum potential or thievery. And the problem is they couldn't be a s successful as anyone else in the world. They haven't heard those voices and overcome their own self. No doubt is one of those factors that will be you if you don't learn to overcome. The biggest doubters in the world are going to be the people that are absolutely the closest to you.

It's not going to come from enemies. Enemies don't even exist anymore. You actually can't think of a person that's your enemy. You're putting way too much energy into a negative emotion. If you have somebody you dislike, you need to get above them entirely . You need to push those people completely out of your world and out of your thoughts . That negative energy is going to hold you back. That's a different topic altogether.

No Enemies

No person watching these videos should ever be able to identify even one person in their life that's an enemy. If you have that person on your radar screen, that person is now being completely wiped clean of your mind to the point where you can't even remember their name. I f you see them face to face, you forget who they are. Literally, I have done that and it's successful. And on a different note. Nothing pisses off one of your enemies more than when you happen to run into them and you can't remember who they are.

"What's your name again?" I t just put belittles them that much but that's not the topic of this. Y our loved ones seem to have the absolute best of intentions, but they might not get that wrong. They also might not understand that they're planting those little comments, "Oh honey, you know I really hope for the best for you. That is a tough thing that you're trying to have a backup plan?" That's the worst thing you could say to anybody that's really trying to give it their all. There is no backup is no backup going to go for going to succeed. Plain and simple.

The Little Things

It's those little tiny things that derail you from accomplishing your real goals. If they're close to you, we're going to assume that those are good that doesn't mean they're the right people for what you want to accomplish. I don't care what kind of business you're trying to build. I don't care if you're trying to land a record deal or if you're trying to get a book launched.

It doesn't matter what you're trying to do. That will be the greatest limiting factor and that self-doubt comes from those people planting little tiny marginal seeds in your mind. Y our mind picks them up and starts to give a little fertilizer to just one or two little comments. Then your mind just throws that into, " I can't do it." or " this is too hard." It's those voices in your head that you need to control. You need to shut them up.

So how do you overcome self-doubt? Self-doubt is in each and every single person that's ever nobody that's never heard that voice in their heads telling them that it can't be done. But there are plenty of successful people in this world that have started from absolutely didn't have an didn't have all the opportunities that you think they would have to get started with. But they were able to shut that voice up and overcome it. How do you do it?


It's a mental discipline and it's about you hear it inside of your head. " You know what Stan? You can't you can't produce a motivational video teaching people how to going to want to hear that in the landscaping community? Landscapers don't care about it do it. Stan, why are you producing motivational vidvideos?y don't you just go show people how to cut grass or how to install a retaining wall?"

That's the voice that happens inside my head. And you know what? I kick that voice to the curb and I just do it. I just get on and I just do it. It doesn't matter. You've got to just go for it. You've got to be able to say you know what. There's more to me than this. I recognize you for what you are you are limiting me. Nothing is going to limit me. I'm going to be the strongest version of myself. At possible and I'm not going to let you, little tiny voice in my head, tell me any thing you can recognize that voice when you can understand what it is. It's nothing good. There's nothing good that will come from that voice when you can recognize it for what it is. You can shut it up and then you can't.

Push Beyond It

You need to just do it. Push beyond it. Go for it. And yeah you're going to probably screw up once twice or three times it doesn't matter how many times you screw up it's kind. It's going to happen it's going to happen to you it's going to happen to me. Well maybe the fourth fifth or sixth time you're going to get it right. And you're going to grow from it and you're going to believe in yourself a little bit more and a little bit more. And every time you believe in yourself just a little bit more you're going to be a better stronger version of yourself. That's what it boils down to.

I love you guys to do this for me. Listen to that little voice in your head. That's not saying anything good to kick it to the curb stomp it down and tell it to shut up because you've got dreams you've got hopes you've got goals and a little voice in your head is going to stop you from achieving.


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