Day at Work Mowing wet Grass, splittin wood, talking cheap clothes & good shoes ?!?


Speaker 1: Good morning.

Speaker 2: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: How you doing, little man?

Speaker 1: You gonna go in and see Guam? You gonna hit me? That's a good morning punch, right? How you feeling? Good to see you, Hunter. Good to see yeah. 

Speaker 3: He's always so chatty. 

Speaker 1: He walks by and he's gonna slap me like, what are you teaching your kid?

Speaker 3: Good things. 

Speaker 1: He walks up, he's going to hit me in the leg, I'm like, "Crap, that's a chip off the old block." There's the other little sicky. Hi little man, you gonna go see Guam? You gonna go see the Guam?

Speaker 1: Good morning, Jake.

Speaker 3: Good morning. 

Speaker 1: Did you, did you have a nice sleep in? It's 9:30 in the morning, it's nice you could show up to work today.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Sleep. That's what I got. 

Speaker 1: I heard the kids are sick?

Speaker 3: Yep. Yeah they are. 

Speaker 1: His kids happen to be my grandkids.

Speaker 3: Slept for an hour.

Speaker 1: What's that?

Speaker 3: Fin was up at like midnight just screaming for an hour. 

Speaker 1: Ouch. Mr. Mom. That's what it's like when you're Mr. Mom. Hey. That's a good looking combo. Your green shirt-

Speaker 3: I was like, "Damn that's a big spider."

Speaker 1: Your green shirt, black shorts, and your green and black tennies. Did you, did you like plan today out?

Speaker 3: This is the only type of shirt these shoes match. Somewhere right here. 

Speaker 1: Speaking of those shoes, you normally, don't you wear heavy work boots when you come in?

Speaker 3: No. I wear Walmart shoes. 

Speaker 1: You wear Walmart?

Speaker 3: For like 10, 15 bucks. Yep.

Speaker 1: Okay. I always thought I saw you in some giant clod hoppers.

Speaker 3: No I can't wear those in the wintertime. Or summertime.

Speaker 1: Summertime?

Speaker 3: Out walking like I do for lawns. 

Speaker 1: Alright so, I got you these. 

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 1: What do you think of them?

Speaker 3: Actually they're really nice.

Speaker 1: Are they worth it?

Speaker 3: I think so. 

Speaker 1: So I think they're like 120 bucks or something like that. I'm not sure, but you tell me. 

Speaker 3: I haven't got wet feet. Normally that was the first thing in the morning I got was wet feet. Kicking the dew that's nice long dew grass.

Speaker 1: Yep.

Speaker 3: I haven't got wet feet. They're light as a feather, you can barely even tell they're on your feet. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. And they're comfortable too aren't they?

Speaker 3: So far, yeah they're comfortable. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. I'd say, you know they're, the thing is that I don't get about these shoes is their marketed toward the lawn care landscape community, guys doing what you're doing, right?

Speaker 3: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: When I was like, "Why would they do that?" I mean, I didn't understand why would you market toward the lawn care, landscape, how do you tailor a shoe to that community. Then I kinda get it. 

Speaker 3: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: I mean, cause they're light, they're water-resistant, yeah there's a lot of good things about them where I would say, "Yeah." I mean like this-

Speaker 3: The toe.

Speaker 1: The toe.

Speaker 3: Yep. That's why I haven't got wet toes yet. 

Speaker 1: Yep, that's the thing. I mean, now you'll get wet feet here.

Speaker 3: Yeah a little bit. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. 

Speaker 3: But not like on your toes. 

Speaker 1: Dude I was wearing my regular tennis shoes last night when I was doing the bonfire-

Speaker 3: You had a fire over here?

Speaker 1: Yeah I was doing a bonfire last night. I let the fox go. 

Speaker 3: You let the fox go?

Speaker 1: Yeah I let the fox go last night. 

Speaker 3: Like?

Speaker 1: Yeah, I let her go.

Speaker 3: Really?

Speaker 1: I let her go, I got sick of seeing her in a cage, so I put a break-away collar on her, with a tag. I opened up the cage door, and I sat out here with the family, we made a bonfire, and she ran around this yard for two hours with the coonhound. 

Speaker 3: No way. 

Speaker 1: They were playing and playing and playing, and then about 11:00 last night both the coonhound and the fox were begging at the door to come in. 

Speaker 3: No way.

Speaker 1: I'm like, "Alright, come back in."

Speaker 1: Here, check her out. She's wiped. 

Speaker 3: Dad. 

Speaker 1: Dude, she's like, she won't move. That was a lot of running for her last night. 

Speaker 3: I can't believe she sticks around. 

Speaker 1: You tired little one, huh? Somebody's tired. Look at her she's sleeping. She had a good night. 

Speaker 1: Anyway. I put the regular tennis shoes on last night dude and my feet were soaked. 

Speaker 3: Soaked. 

Speaker 1: Just from walking from the house down the hill to there, I was just like done. 

Speaker 3: Yep. 

Speaker 1: It sucked. 

Speaker 3: Yeah. Wet feet. Right away. 

Speaker 1: Dude that just sucked. That was regular tennis shoes. So I went in, I put my Kujos on and I'm like, screw that. And I stayed out for another two hours, walked around in this crap, when I went in-

Speaker 3: Dry feet. 

Speaker 1: Dry feet. 

Speaker 3: Yup.

Speaker 1: I won't pay five bucks for a pair of jeans. If half of my clothes weren't sent to me for free, I'd be still wearing the same stuff I had on in high school. So when a shoe company reached out to me and said, "Hey we've got these shoes designed specifically for lawn care guys, specifically for guys in the landscaping community that are getting their feet wet all day long, but can't put on heavy shoes." I pretty much said, "I'm not interested."

Speaker 1: So Elliot, you mow. 

elliot: I do. 

Speaker 1: Hard scapes. 

elliot: A little bit of everything.

Speaker 1: A little bit of everything. And I took your cowboy boots off. 

elliot: I know, it was sad. 

Speaker 1: That was the first time I've ever, in years, I think those have ever come off your feet. 

elliot: Pretty much. I get up, I put them on, I get home, I take 'em off and I go to bed. 

Speaker 1: And then they're back on again.

elliot: Yup.

Speaker 1: I've never seen, even in the middle of winter, that's what you've wore. 

elliot: Yep. Yeah. 

Speaker 1: And this is the first time you've ever, those are Kujos.

elliot: They are.

Speaker 1: Kujos. So I don't, I don't care if you sell me, I don't want you to sell me. I want to know good, bad and in between, are they good, bad, what do you think of them?

Speaker 1: You see I get hit all the time with people that want me to market their stuff and I've got zero interest in doing it because half of the stuff looks like crap to me. I literally threw out their email without responding to them. And about two weeks later the weirdest thing happened, I was sitting there and I remembered I put that email in the junk and I searched through it and I specifically pulled it out and I started to look at it, because I don't know why it just intrigued me, and then I threw it away again. 

Speaker 1: And about three days after that, I pulled it back out and I called them up. What I found out is this is a small organization that's dedicated to creating shoes for guys that are working out in tall grass that are sick of getting their feet wet. And I thought, "Well, go ahead and send me a pair. But not for myself, I'm going to put these on the feet of everybody around me and ask them what they thing about it.

Speaker 1: Lay it out.

elliot: I like it. Literally the only thing I don't like, is that I have to lace them up. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. Frankie said the same thing. 

elliot: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: That was the same, I mean he loves that they're light.

elliot: They're super light, they breathe so my feet, cause in my cowboy boots, even though I wear them all the time, my feet get super hot.

Speaker 1: Yep. 

elliot: And they're sweaty when I take them off.

Speaker 1: Yep. 

elliot: Which doesn't happen often, but you know. 

Speaker 1: Yep. 

elliot: And so in these, they're super light, I have free range, my feet don't feel heavy like they do in the boots. 

Speaker 1: Yep. 

elliot: They don't sweat at all. They're waterproof. You know and we've got wet grass out here cause it's been raining all week, thanks Minnesota. And my feet aren't getting wet at all. 

Speaker 1: Yes. I've noticed the same thing. 

elliot: I love them. And they're really comfortable. 

Speaker 1: So I wear these, I wear my Kujos when I'm cutting, when I'm working out, when I don't need steel toes, because they don't have steel toes. 

elliot: Right. Yep.

Speaker 1: So my feet have never gotten wet. Ever. They're not waterproof, these aren't a waterproof shoe, they're water resistant. 

elliot: Really?

Speaker 1: Yeah. 

elliot: And the other thing I like about them is they're slip resistant. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. 

elliot: And so when I'm not working, doing lawn care and hard scapes and everything, and I'm in my shop, you know I've got oil and stuff on the floor, not slipping at all.

Speaker 1: So when you go from working outside to inside your garage on that smooth concrete-

elliot: Right.

Speaker 1: You're not falling on your butt.

elliot: Exactly. 

Speaker 1: Let me see the bottom of your shoes. Okay. So I don't know what they do. I mean I don't know how they make them to make them actually halfway-

elliot: No but I mean, look at them, they've got some good traction nubs on 'em. I don't know what you call them.

Speaker 1: I don't care how you do it. These would be better if you didn't have to tie them.

elliot: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: I'm gonna tell you straight up, I'm a cheapskate though when it comes to clothes. 

elliot: Yeah?

Speaker 1: Like if-

elliot: I've noticed you wear a lot of free stuff. 

Speaker 1: If I don't get it for free, I'm not wearing it. Plain and simple. I swear to god. The other day, I had to go to Pennsylvania and I needed some clothes to do a video shoot and my daughters like, "Where are you going?" I'm like, "I'm going down to the Goodwill." And even going to the Goodwill to buy shirts, kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Because they're like three, four dollars each.

elliot: Oh my gosh.

Speaker 1: Well no, because here's the worst part, in Minnesota right, in Minneapolis, we have a Goodwill outlet. 

elliot: That's true.

Speaker 1: We have an outlet where you can go and they sell clothes by the pound. And the people there, Elliot, this is the ... you're not going to believe this. Here I'm gonna try to set this camera up. 

Speaker 1: So the people there, they bring out a bin, right? 

elliot: Yup. 

Speaker 1: And everybody waits, they can't go up to the bin.

elliot: Oh my gosh.

Speaker 1: And then the workers throw all the stuff out on to the table, just like this trailer, they throw it all out and then they blow a whistle. 

elliot: Release the floodgates. 

Speaker 1: Everybody dives. And I just stand back and I'm like, "This is so cool."

Speaker 1: And you just go in and you just grab. You can get armfuls of clothes for like five, six dollars. Yeah. And that's right in Minneapolis. 

elliot: Now I can understand the three to four dollar shirt thing. 

Speaker 1: Yeah. 

elliot: Why it bothered you. 

Speaker 1: Why are we talking about the Goodwill? I thought we were talking about good ... oh, what I was trying to say, I'm getting there guys, I'm a cheapskate. But the only thing I will invest in is shoes. That's the only thing. That is the only thing, I'm not going to invest in hats, I'm not going to invest in shirts, I'm not going to invest in pants. As you can see here, these still got, my wife complains a lot, but I say these still, until they rip all the way up my calf, I still got a lot of life left in these pants, right?

elliot: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: But what you put on your feet effects your overall performance more than anything else. I don't care what you put on your, I don't care what you put anywhere else, but what you put down there effects how long you can work, how hard you can work, how fast you can work. You start at the bottom, that's the only thing you can invest in is a good pair of shoes. So when I got these, I was very, I'm very particular. I'm a diva, when it comes to shoes, I'm a diva. I'm not, I mean if there's anything that's even halfway not okay. 

elliot: It's gone. 

Speaker 1: It's gone. Like my Throughgoods. I loved them when I first got them, but then I realized after a month, they're heavy. It's like walking with five pound weights. And then my feet aren't breathing at all. They're not getting wet, but they're not breathing at all. So I got rid of that. 

Speaker 1: Then I got the Keens, which were half the weight, and my feet stayed dry. For out on a construction site, when I'm running heavy equipment, when I'm throwing block, when I'm doing things that are going to be smashing my toes and I don't want to lose them, all day and night. I love that. 

Speaker 1: For this stuff, where I really want to be like, where we've got to walk all day long. Where we've got to be carrying weed whips, where we're gonna be ... we do stand up mowers, we don't do sit down mowers. I want the lightest possible shoe that's going to, at the end of the day when I peel it off, isn't going to leave me with wet stinky socks. 

elliot: Yep. 

Speaker 1: That's where I go with the Kujos. 

elliot: Yeah. That's a big difference. 

Speaker 1: What they think about it. So I had them send me five different pair. And today, you're going to get the raw truth from all of the people that I put them on their feet. Good, bad, and in between. So even though this is a sponsored video, there's nothing fabricated about what you're going to see today. And it's not all perfect. 

Speaker 1: That is not a doberman. That is actually a black and tan coonhound. With her best friend the fox. No doberman barks like that. 

Speaker 1: Mom's got the fox in the house. Who's a good girl? Oh there's my baby. 

Speaker 5: I walked out to the cage and she started going, she started screeching. 

Speaker 1: Was she crying?

Speaker 5: Yes.

Speaker 1: Did she miss you?

Speaker 5: She cried the whole time. I think so. 

Speaker 1: Yeah?

Speaker 1: Oh did you miss us? 

Speaker 5: Yeah.

Speaker 1: They're very skittish. 

Speaker 5: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Even when they love you and miss you, they're very skittish. 

Speaker 5: She doesn't want me to grab her though.

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 5: Because she knows I want her to go back outside. She's-

Speaker 1: She wants to stay in?

Speaker 5: Yeah. But she's destructive. 

Speaker 5: Get out of my face.

Speaker 5: Come on.

Speaker 1: Come on. 

Speaker 5: Let's go. Let's go.

Speaker 1: Okay hey. Where's Frankie?

Speaker 5: I don't know I thought you were Frankie, remember?

Speaker 1: Okay. 

Speaker 5: Well I said come to the front door, it might be dad and it might be Frankie since she'll come to you, but not Frankie. 

Speaker 1: Alright I got to find Frankie, I want to ask him about his Kujos. His shoes. Yours didn't fit you right?

Speaker 5: No my feet are weird though. So it hurt. It hurt my feet. 

Speaker 1: On the sides?

Speaker 5: But I haven't worn them. I haven't stretched them out. I just wore them for a little while and they hurt and I took them off. 

Speaker 5: Hey. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.

Speaker 5: She did get a scratch on her nose its scarred, Stan. 

Speaker 1: I don't know where she got that from.

Speaker 5: I think it was when she was out on her own. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, she escaped a couple times. Then we found her at home. What did she bring you back? Tell everybody what she brought you back.

Speaker 5: Oh, baby bunnies. Dead ones, how many? Did you count them?

Speaker 1: Six. 

Speaker 5: I just saw these feet, remember and I'm like, "No. Gross." Then you're like, "But you let her in." No I didn't. Yeah it was, that was kinda sad. 

Speaker 1: See she's gotta check-

Speaker 5: She just wants to see you.

Speaker 1: Everybody out. 

Speaker 5: Say hi. 

Speaker 1: I hear Frankie.

Speaker 5: Have you seen her? Have you spent any time with her since-

Speaker 1: I gotta go, Storm, you stay in here.

Speaker 5: What are you doing? What are you doing? I got you, I got you, I got you, I got her. 

Speaker 1: Alright you got her? I'm gonna go out I gotta go. 

Speaker 1: I'm trying to make a video to find out what everybody thinks of their Kujos. I don't know if I'm saying that right. Alright. Thumbs up from Elliot, thumbs down from my wife, they don't fit her. 

Speaker 1: This is what Frankie does, see all this wood? I literally brought all this wood in because when we're not working, Frankie needs something to do. So here's Frankie in his natural habitat. 

Speaker 1: Hey Frankie.

Speaker 1: You know, we've got to make a video for that log splitter so can you save a couple of pieces for the video?

Frankie: Yeah. Yeah. 

Speaker 1: I left for Pennsylvania, and I'm like, "Hey Frankie the new Milwaukee chainsaw came. Go ahead and play with if for a little bit. We used to have a giant pile of, now it's all blocked. You blocked all of that with the Milwaukee chainsaw in three days. While you were still working on Ariel's house. You got her kitchen installed, countertops in, sink in, and you got all that wood blocked. 

Frankie: Did this in the evening. 

Speaker 1: You did that in the evening for fun.

Frankie: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Alright so, the point is, I gave you a pair of those Kujos, the same ones I'm wearing. 

Frankie: Yep. 

Speaker 1: You don't mow lawns with yours, you do, what kind of work do you do with yours?

Frankie: Carpentry and just stuff like this. You know, messing with the wood and whatever. Whatever it takes, wherever I go I wear them. You know, normally I do. 

Speaker 1: You do? Okay. What do you think of them so far?

Frankie: I don't mind them. I said I like pretty much any boot that keeps my feet dry. But when I was working at Ariel's putting them on and off is a hassle because their low cut. It's just you can't just slip your shoe in them. Your foot in them. So I wore my work boots just because it's easier for me to get my boots on and off and not to have to got into the house fifty times a day. And having to bend over and put these on is kind of tough. Otherwise, so far so good. My feet stay dry.

Speaker 1: Your feet stay dry?

Frankie: Yep. 

Speaker 1: Okay.

Frankie: And they don't hurt at the end of the day. 

Speaker 1: I noticed that too. I broke my heel, right? So that's a whole nother story, but last year I ... just trust me, I broke my heel, I couldn't walk. The guys that know me know, I hobbled for how many months? 

Frankie: Quite a while. 

Speaker 1: Like almost a year. Almost a year. And so for me, my feet kill. Absolutely kill. And at the end of the day, end of the work day, my feet feel good in these Kujos.

Frankie: Yeah. Mine do. No different than my work boots I got. 

Speaker 1: No different than your work, what do you mean no different than your work boots? Are they not, are the work boots more comfortable, less? I mean-

Frankie: No, I mean if I'm not working hard I don't keep them tied so they just like wearing a slipper anyways. 

Speaker 1: Okay.

Frankie: So, yeah these are comfortable, it's like you're wearing nothing basically. 

Speaker 1: Alright so.

Frankie: They're super light. 

Speaker 1: If I didn't give them to you, and I took them away, would you actually go out and buy a pair of your own?

Frankie: Just the type of person I am I'd have to wait until my work boots [inaudible 00:22:35] out completely. Then I would think about it.

Speaker 1: I was telling these guys-

Frankie: Then I'd have to price it. 

Speaker 1: Here's the deal, remember what I was telling you guys about the Goodwill store where they sell clothes by the pound? He's the one that actually told me about that. We go there. 

Frankie: Hey. 

Speaker 1: Hey, why not?

Frankie: I still watch my money.

Speaker 1: Yep. Absolutely. 

Frankie: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Absolutely. But overall, they're a pretty decent shoe? Yeah, no, maybe?

Frankie: I wouldn't say nothing bad about them, I just you know, I'm not used to wearing tennis shoes but hey I don't mind wearing them. 

Speaker 1: Good. Alright well I'll let you-

Frankie: Alright.

Speaker 1: Get back to having some fun here. 

Frankie: Alright.

Speaker 1: Frankie kind of fun. 

Speaker 1: I am done at home, I've got to go make tall grass short. 

Speaker 1: Alright guys, there's basically two types of product videos that I make; I either really like something, or I really hate it. If something kind of falls under the middle, well then it's just plain boring and I'm not going to say anything about it. So after actually using these shoes, myself, and talking to a few of my guys, the majority of them really appreciated it. 

Speaker 1: I still can't get my wife to wear 'em, but she's got these feet that are kind of like a duck. I mean, we're talking about flat. These things, put it this way, she can swim real good and walk on top of snow pretty easily with her feet. Enough about that. 

Speaker 1: So anyway, what I'll do is I'll put a link in the description down below. So if you guys are interested in these shoes, you can go directly to their website. Or if I can find them for sale on Amazon, I don't know if I can, but if I can find them for sale on Amazon I'm gonna put that down below. 

Speaker 1: And we've got a ton of exciting stuff coning up for you, including training videos, installation videos and some crazy stuff running heavy equipment where I talked my wife into getting into a 60 ton rock truck and driving it for the first time ever. Then I talked her, this is the honest to god truth, I talk her into climbing into a 110 thousand pound pay loader that cost just a titch under a million dollars. It's literally a two story climb to get up into the cab. She's never driven a pay loader before in her life. I got some fun stuff coming at you. God bless you guys. Make sure you stick around. Go get 'em.


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