Dewalt- 1st place for the Worst Lawn Mower of the Year

Speaker 1: These all yeah. But isn't that cool right there? Man, that's just all good. 

Speaker 2: Cool.

Speaker 3: How's the girl? Ah them teefers. How's them teefers? Oh you got such a pretty smile. Who's got a pretty smile? You got a pretty smile. Yes you do. Yes you do. All right guys. Sorry about that. Little quality time with the fox there. 

Speaker 3: Where do we go today? All right. First thing I got to say is I get asked the question a lot, who makes the absolute best tool out there. Is it Milwaukee, Makita, or DeWalt? And I've been fortunate enough to be able to go behind the scenes with all three companies and I can tell you that all three of them put an amazing amount of quality into their tool brand. But that doesn't mean everything that they build is absolutely perfect or flawless. And sometimes they build something that it's a complete screw up. And today when I start this video, I assumed that the quality that was going to be in this DeWalt mower would be the same as the quality that was in the rest of the DeWalt brand of tools because I own DeWalt tools. I love DeWalt tools.

Speaker 3: But when I found when I actually started to use this thing, shocked and surprised me. In fact, I don't know what to say now and it's been three weeks later. So you're just going to see it. So at the end of this video today, well couple things. We're going talk about torque, the ability to start up and actually start cutting grass. 

Speaker 3: Now we're going to fire this bad boy up. It won't do it under load. 

Speaker 2: Works great.

Speaker 3: All right. I'm going to start it up. 

Speaker 2: I'm just trying to be fair. 

Speaker 3: ... not quite so tall stuff. 

Speaker 2: Okay. All right, so now you made your point.

Speaker 3: Its not there and then we're going talk about the run time which was the biggest disappointment of anything with this thing. And so at the end of this video, I'm actually going to start the video, not edit it and let you guys watch just how much run time there actually is.

Speaker 4: Those were fully charged?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: What took so long [inaudible 00:02:50]. Oh yeah.

Speaker 4: You've got to be kidding me.

Speaker 1: Release that button and try again.

Speaker 4: We got one, two, three. Three and a half swipes and a lawn. From there to there.

Speaker 2: But, then again, that's the weakness of this mower.

Speaker 3: You're going to be, I don't know. You guys comment down below. After you see that, you guys tell me what you think about it because I literally don't know what to say. But, before we get into the video, I owe a giant thank you to Tools in Action. If you guys don't know who they are, these guys have been friends of my channel since I was just starting out. They literally took me out and taught me so much about videos. And how to work in this industry and how to do these things that, if it wasn't for them, half of the tool reviews I've done I would not have had an opportunity to do. And today's video I wouldn't have had the opportunity if it wasn't for Dan and Eric from Tools in Action. 

Speaker 3: So, do me a favor and go over to their channel and subscribe. And here's another thing, if you guys know of any bad tools out there, let me know that. And the reason I'm asking that is these tool companies keep their bad tools from falling into my hands. I have a skid steer coming in right now. So it might get a little bit noisy. So, if you guys know of a bad tool, please let me know that in the comments down below. And, without saying anything more. Well, before I start this video you're going to see me do the review based on the assumption that the level of quality that DeWalt puts into the rest of their tools is automatically built into this lawn mower and I don't find out till later in the video about some of the flaws that this lawn mower has. So make sure you watch the whole thing. I got to go see what's going on.

Speaker 3: Its the [inaudible 00:05:05].

Speaker 5: Where do you want it?

Speaker 3: Just leave it up top right there. Just idle it down before you shut it down. One to two minutes to let the turbo cool off. 

Speaker 5: Yeah, that's how most diesels are.

Speaker 3: What's that?

Speaker 5: That's how most diesels are.

Speaker 3: Yup. How'd the job go?

Speaker 5: Good, we're cleaning up.

Speaker 3: Now what are you up to?

Speaker 5: I'm going to call Blaine and see if they need me up there. 

Speaker 3: They do.

Speaker 1: Do you want to get this done in 24 minutes?

Speaker 2: Alright.

Speaker 1: So, with Dan the Man from Tools in Action. And we're going to be reviewing the entire line of DeWalt outdoor power equipment.

Speaker 3: So, that was the original plan because I assumed that this lawn mower was going to be pretty decent and I could just move on from there. It's not the first time I've been wrong. Or so my wife tells me.

Speaker 1: Now, the first thing that I'm going to say is that you guys are going to probably just start bashing this stuff. Because a lot of you guys are contractors and this stuff is not really meant for you. I don't care what you say, this is not the right piece of equipment. Sometimes contractors are using this and DeWalt has actually done some marketing towards contractors. But, for the most part, at least for the jobs that we work on, the bigger bigger projects, it doesn't fit. But this lawn mower here is brand new this year. We're going to be looking at this, some chain saws. What else do we got to look at?

Speaker 2: I got a head shimmer and a weed whacker. I mean, there's a lot in the 20 vault line and, like you said, it is designed for the home owner. Designed for the guy that is the contractor that has those 24 batteries lying around. That maybe is on that city lot and maybe is on that smaller piece of property. 

Speaker 1: I didn't actually say that. 

Speaker 2: Okay, sorry. Again you guys. Again, this guy comes into me barking orders. I couldn't eat since 2:00 pm and said, "Dude, I cannot handle the pressure anymore." I'm done.

Speaker 4: He's a drill master.

Speaker 2: I know. 

Speaker 1: Okay, so.

Speaker 4: No, this this this.

Speaker 1: So, one of the things that I started to say in an earlier video but my camera walked out on me was [crosstalk 00:07:28]. This is actually meant is it's a great fit for the right person. The person that I believe is the right person is one of those guys that has maybe a quarter, maybe a half acre lot.

Speaker 3: Actually, it's the perfect fit for somebody that has a yard that's three and one half stripes long.

Speaker 1: And a house that sits on most of that and he's a weekend warrior. He's got his yellow fan, right. So he's got his tools and he doesn't want to go out and bother. He doesn't like dinking around with gas. There is some dinking around. You do every year you either drain or try to get things. Whatever, you guys know the drill. You just want to go out and cut your yard and get on to bigger and better things. You take the battery out of your cordless drill and you pop it in here.

Speaker 2: Two of them.

Speaker 1: Two of them. And you can go get your yard cut. What batteries did these come with?

Speaker 2: These come with two 5-0 batteries and a charger. And it keeps it at a relatively good price. I want to say like $3.99 or $2.99. Somewhere down there, I can't remember off the top of my head because it was on sale. But you can get this for relatively, for me, for the money point I think you could get more. I don't like the run time. I think the run time is just horrible. I don't like the three battery fuel feature. Because you really don't know where you're at. You're within 33% of where you think you are. So you might have a full battery but you might just be beyond that edge. And really you've only got about 33% of that. 

Speaker 1: How long are you going to use this for?

Speaker 2: Like four most.

Speaker 1: So, the paint wore off from it. You don't really have a whole ton of experience under your belt. But what have you noticed right away about the mower.

Speaker 2: Comfort. It's really comfortable. It has almost a suspension on it. I've never seen that before because I figured you couldn't put a suspension on a mower because it's an uneven cut. That is all part of this system right here to bring it up and down.

Speaker 4: Whoa.

Speaker 2: Yeah, you see that. Try that one handed.

Speaker 4: Okay, that's nicer than any other mower I've ever seen. 

Speaker 2: Oh, holy crap. You don't even have to hold it. 

Speaker 1: Come around.

Speaker 2: Oh, the pizza's here.

Speaker 1: Alright, you go get the pizza. This is nice. I'm just going to hold it from rolling. Too little flanges. Alright, I'm going to give that an A for that. 

Speaker 4: No, that's the nicest up and down feature on a lawn mower out there that I've seen. 

Speaker 2: That's got to be spring loaded, right?

Speaker 4: Yeah, the spring's right here. 

Speaker 1: I've never seen this mower in my life, but I see it's got a spring here, right next to the side. And it's got a spring here. So this spring is lengthening so that it wants to come back up on it's own. So the spring is set. So this spring right here is actually pulling up the mower. I wonder why they don't use that on other mowers? I would see where that spring would be a problem.

Speaker 4: I think it's going to be intermission time.

Speaker 2: Illuminati's. Are you going to finish? I mean this guy's a slave driver. Do you want to just finish this. Let's finish this.

Speaker 1: No, we're good. 

Speaker 2: I don't need him pitching in.

Speaker 4: He does get that way.

Speaker 2: So, what do you think of it right away? I mean, of course I didn't like it. But then I thought the quality... 

Speaker 4: Is that a pin?

Speaker 2: Yeah. And you can lock it in two positions.

Speaker 4: That's nice too. Most mowers you have the screws and you're like.

Speaker 2: Does your cameraman do a lot of talking? It just, yeah I know. I feel like we should just let the cameraman.

Speaker 1: This is what happens when you have non-union cameraman. 

Speaker 2: You can't afford any cameraman.

Speaker 1: You can pick one up on the side of the road. 

Speaker 2: It's crazy. But I like it like I said. The run time sucks. I mean you could put better batteries in it, of course. But that's going to bring the expense up. But I like this steel deck. I like the ease of pushing it around. It's really good little trim mower too for around little trees, stuff like that.

Speaker 1: So, tell me about the run time. 

Speaker 2: It's horrible.

Speaker 1: Okay, but tell me about it.

Speaker 2: It goes a little bit over half a tennis court, maybe. 

Speaker 1: How many minutes are we talking about?

Speaker 2: Fifteen 20 minutes maybe. Depending.

Speaker 1: C'mon, tell me the truth.

Speaker 2: Maybe 20 if you push it.

Speaker 1: No, tell me the truth.

Speaker 2: Fifteen to 20 minutes. I don't know. 

Speaker 1: Seriously?

Speaker 2: Tyler, what do you think this is? 

Speaker 1: Tools in Action.

Speaker 2: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Alright, so you really did get 15 to 20 minutes out of two five amp power batteries on full charge?

Speaker 2: Yeah, we're probably closer to 15. I wasn't going by minutes, I was going by area done and I did my front yard.

Speaker 1: So, let's grab the batteries that came with the mower. I want to see these real quick.

Speaker 4: You got to fold this down. Otherwise we're chopping his head off. Or splitting you two apart. Okay, so here's the. Are we still rolling?

Speaker 2: Man, that pizza smells good. That pizza smells really good.

Speaker 1: Okay, so this is the two batteries that actually came with the mower, right?

Speaker 2: Yeah, and the charger. 

Speaker 1: Okay, and the charger. But, can we actually use the 20 volt. The 60 volt, yeah, the flex fault system in it. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, but then you got gas. Oh, feel that. It sucks that pads.

Speaker 4: Oh, that is hot.

Speaker 5: That is, whoa. 

Speaker 2: Dude, it's a hungry mower man. 

Speaker 2: Now that is your ultimate set up. It's actually with 12 amp power. Those are 9 amp power.

Speaker 1: Oh yeah.

Speaker 2: With this set up you're looking at a really good run time. It's easy to carry around like that height adjustment. Even for grandma this thing is good. It just depends. If you have a small lot and you want a quality mower, I recommend it. Obviously, if you're a pro, no. Obviously, if you have anything bigger than three quarters of a tennis court I would say no.

Speaker 3: Or any yard that's technically bigger than three and a half swipes. 

Speaker 2: Unless you want to invest in new batteries or you have flexible or something like that. 

Speaker 1: So, that's what I'm saying. If you already are in DeWalt line of tools, then this is a natural extension of that.

Speaker 2: It makes sense for small area. 

Speaker 1: With these batteries, if you already go these on hand, it doesn't make sense to go out and buy these. Because these batteries itself is about $120.00, isn't it?

Speaker 2: I mean I don't know. 

Speaker 1: I don't know either. I think it's like that.

Speaker 4: It might actually be more.

Speaker 1: So then, if you put two of these in you get $240.00 in batteries in here. Right? And then you got a mower for $399.00.

Speaker 2: Right. But the mower has pretty good power. Maybe it had too much power because it was just cranking. We didn't go through the deep stuff.

Speaker 1: We're going to throw the two five amp power batteries in. Let's go mow.

Speaker 2: And at 6:00 am that's cool. With electric you can do that. No one in their right mind gets up this early except for this guy. 

Speaker 1: So, you push this in. 

Speaker 2: Push that in and then pull. 

Speaker 1: But it's not a safety key. It's just a "don't steal me" key. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, for kids in case they mess around. 

Speaker 1: Is that dry yet?

Speaker 2: Yeah, it's dry. 

Speaker 1: Alright, so Dan the Man has his lawn mowed already. So, this is obviously wet grass. Let's see how she goes.

Speaker 2: That's awful dude. That was just killer. 

Speaker 2: What happened? What? Lift it up and try again. 

Speaker 2: I didn't see that.

Speaker 1: C'mon in here. I want to show you something. We've got. We're going to try to cut grass, this grass right here. Let's move forward just a little bit into this untouched spot. Okay, cameraman, don't get your shadow on this. We're going to fire this bad boy up. 

Speaker 2: It won't do under load. 

Speaker 4: Looks great. 

Speaker 2: That's the first, I mean. But honestly, are you in any kind of tall grass or what?

Speaker 1: No, this is, no. This is not tall grass.

Speaker 2: Don't you need to start it?

Speaker 1: Dude.

Speaker 2: Dude, I mean.

Speaker 1: Alright, I'm just going to say whatever. I'm going to start it up on not quite so tall stuff.

Speaker 2: Alright, so now you've made your point. Now I agree with you. I mean, that's kind of scrappy. 

Speaker 1: Did you mow this when?

Speaker 2: I mowed this a week ago.

Speaker 1: Okay. So, maybe, let's just try it one more time. 

Speaker 1: Okay, that's our mowing video for the day guys.

Speaker 2: Oh no. You can lift it up and get it started and then put it down.

Speaker 1: I know, I'm just kidding.

Speaker 2: That's how we do it in Illinois. Don't you know that? It's a safety thing. 

Speaker 1: Men would wear open toed sandals at the same time. 

Speaker 3: So now you've seen the limitations of torque and the ability to actually fire up when it's inside the tall grass. But, once we get it going you can get it going by lifting it up and putting it down. Now, I want to test out this run time that Dan keeps talking about. He says it sucks. Well, he's not exaggerating. In fact, I think he's under exaggerating. There's just got to be a better word than under exaggerating.

Speaker 2: It is quiet. When you actually step away from it a little ways. Alright, go all the way down and then come back as fast as you can.

Speaker 1: What?

Speaker 2: Go down and come back as fast as you can. I want to see if it. Don't run but just mow at a fast clip. If you're trying to get through it.

Speaker 2: It won't do it. The battery can't be dying that fast. You'd be literally only got two swipes out of it. 

Speaker 4: What's that [inaudible 00:20:20] say?

Speaker 2: Bowl?

Speaker 4: Yeah?

Speaker 2: Yeah. I mean we didn't even do two swipes. 

Speaker 4: Is the battery gauge still full?

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 2: What? Wait a minute. That's the crazy thing about it is the run time. 

Speaker 1: Okay, so let's be very technical. We've made one swipe. One full swipe of this lawn. We've made.

Speaker 2: Fifteen feet over there. 

Speaker 1: Across the street.

Speaker 2: It's not that deep. 

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: I guarantee you run four more stripes this way and it's done. 

Speaker 5: You think it will make it four?

Speaker 1: It won't.

Speaker 2: Huh?

Speaker 1: Well, you said this way. Your way.

Speaker 2: Yeah, not into the neighbor's heavy grass. My lighter grass. See, it's cutting lower than my grass.

Speaker 2: What?

Speaker 4: You called that heavy.

Speaker 2: What? That I said heavy grass? 

Speaker 2: Dude, it's early man. What's with you people getting up early. 

Speaker 1: Alright, let's be straight up. We don't have two stripes. We don't even have two full swats.

Speaker 2: I don't even gotten my account mode yet. I'm already getting batteries. This is my first account of the morning.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well, it's wet. It's not deep. That's not deep. 

Speaker 4: It doesn't do too bad in the grass that's already been cut. 

Speaker 5: Right, and technically over here you're cutting over 60% of the blade off. Right? 

Speaker 1: What do you mean?

Speaker 5: You know how you're only supposed to cut a third of the blade off? In this situation over here, you're cutting more than half the blade off. So it's not a typical application, right? Even on this it's cutting a little bit too much. You should be one step higher.

Speaker 1: I'm about in the real world.

Speaker 5: What?

Speaker 1: I'm in the real world. Guys grab the mower and they go to town. They go to work. They don't go, "Oh look, this is cutting more than 60% of the blade of the grass." Some of you guys do that.

Speaker 5: I don't know. I'm not an expert. But, I'm just saying I don't like cutting like this. Look at all the stuff it leaves. I like to keep on top of it. I like to cut frequently and less than infrequently and more. 

Speaker 1: You're right. That's the right way to do it. Can't argue with you there. It died again. It died in your lawn.

Speaker 5: The battery is getting long, I'm telling you. It is going through all this stuff. The power hungry machine. You're going to cut this all up, right? To make it seem like I'm a hater of DeWalt? I can just see it now. It's all cut up like, "DeWalt sucks." What?

Speaker 5: Dude, he's running out of battery. What's the battery at? One, I told you.

Speaker 1: One and two.

Speaker 5: What?

Speaker 1: He said one and two. He said one was at.

Speaker 5: But they were both charged. So he probably doesn't have enough battery.

Speaker 1: Were they fully charged? Those were fully charged?

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Not yet.

Speaker 1: Oh, you got to be kidding me. 

Speaker 2: Release that button and try again. 

Speaker 1: That's it. We got one, two, three and a half swipes and a lawn. From there to there. 

Speaker 4: But, then again, that's the weakness of this mower. You put a couple of flex volts in. I'd be curious to see how much we get with flex volts. Want to put flex volts in it?

Speaker 1: No, I don't want to put flex volts. I want to put. The homeowner bought it. He paid $399.00 for a mower. He brings it home and this is what he gets. Three and a half stripes. 

Speaker 2: You know what I can get for $399.00? 

Speaker 1: Paid for and sponsored by DeWalt.

Speaker 2: Hey, I still like DeWalt. I think it's a quality mower. It's a good mower. The only huge downside is, obviously, down time. Or, run time. For $399.00 I can go to Home Depot and buy a really, really nice Honda lawn mower. Yeah, but then you got gas.

Speaker 4: Oh feel that, feel that. It sucks those pads.

Speaker 1: Oh, that is hot. 

Speaker 2: Whoa. Dude, it's a hungry mower man. Other than run time.

Speaker 1: And lack of torque. 

Speaker 2: What?

Speaker 1: And lack of torque.

Speaker 2: Well yeah, I mean. But obviously.

Speaker 1: I mean, other than the things that make a mower a mower, hey this is good. 

Speaker 2: Alright, you can have your electric back. I'll go gas. You haven't seen Eagle.

Speaker 1: Alright, that's coming up. If you guys.

Speaker 2: Keep it rolling dude. Or do you want to do that as a separate video?

Speaker 1: No, that's going to be on your channel. So, if you guys. I'm going to be over on Tools in Action. Here you go Elliott.

Speaker 2: Has Elliott ever used Eagle?

Speaker 4: Yeah, well, not at the mower. But I've used blowers and.

Speaker 1: So we're going to be going through. What are we going through on your Channel, Dan?

Speaker 5: We're going to talk about one of my favorite tools of the channel and the power beyond behalf. 

Speaker 1: If you don't get the tools to review the tools, you can't tell them what's good and what's bad. And I'll tell you straight up. One of the things that I've noticed is these tool companies, you got to have a lot of confidence. Like the van track of mines, those guys know no holds bar. They didn't ask me to do anything. They were just like, "Test it. Use it. Abuse it. Do anything you want to it." And, to me, that tells me they are so absolutely confident in their machine.

Speaker 5: Well, if they give it to you and say that, yeah that's pretty crazy.

Speaker 1: They did. They did. They were like, "We want you to test this doing anything you want." And I was like, "Yeah."

Speaker 5: Did you beat it?

Speaker 1: Oh, all the time.

Speaker 5: What do you think of the [inaudible 00:27:14]. 

Speaker 1: Honestly, it's phenomenal. I love the way it's built. I love the way it's put together. I love that thing. It's ugly. But I love that machine for actually being a machine that a guy that's working out in the field can use and feel good about. And not worry about.

Speaker 5: And field fix. Like in one of your videos.

Speaker 1: Field fix.

Speaker 5: I like it. That's my new word. Field fix. Let's say field fix. They don't call it that, right? It's called something else. Field fix.

Speaker 1: Tools in Action. Go visit these guys. I love these guys. My fox has destroyed their bathroom.

Speaker 5: Oh my God dude. Don't even tell me. I heard noises.

Speaker 1: That's bad. 

Speaker 1: Subscribe. God bless. Go get 'em.

Speaker 5: Peace out you guys.


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