Dewalt Outdoor Power Tools- Gas VS Electric / Battery Blower & Trimmer Comparison

Dewalt has laid the gauntlet down; they want me to put the theory to the test that electricity can replace gasoline. We're going to find out if that's true. Jake is double-fisting it. Go for it Jake. Today we're going to be talking about Dewalt's electric line-up and what is right for your company. Before we get started, I want to clarify something. There is a difference between the 20 volt setup and the bigger 40 volt setup which is more for the professional landscaper.


Let's talk about that difference. You can pop the battery out of the 20 volt outdoor tools and run them in your drills and run them into your power tools as well. The 40 volt set up is designed for longer run times, something landscapers will typically use. It's more of a deep cell battery and it's got to withstand hotter temperatures. It's a little heavier duty tool as well because it's designed for those guys that are going to grab it every single day. You can see the 20 volt set up sitting right next to a 40 volt blower and next the backpack blower.

This is going to be a noise comparison; we're going to start with the 20 volt. Go for it Jake, now the 40 volt handheld and now the 40-volt backpack. Here's something that I want to show you as well. Dewalt has what they call the six pack. This case is a one and you're done; it's like carrying your gas can with you. You plug this in and it charges six batteries. If you have one battery that's low, it doesn't matter where you place it because it will give that battery priority in the charging cycle.


Okay right now it's cycling through, I'm looking for the battery that needs to charge the most. I move the battery to this spot, that one right there. Yep, there you go, it found the weakest battery and it's giving that priority. That way, when you grab any single battery out of your case, you're always going to have a full charge. This six-pack is designed to last a typical landscape company about a day on a job. This blower right here takes not one, but two batteries.

Jake is starting with the 20 volts. It's like a gentle breeze. Let's see that 40 volts handheld in comparison, Jake. This is more of a dedicated blower, that one has more power to it. Let's see the big dog, that one has more power but less noise than both of the other two. It's quieter, for a bigger machine, that backpack blower is much quieter. Did you notice that? Yes it's much quieter, go for it, and keep going. That has a longer run time, low-noise, and instant on and off.

A press of a trigger allows you to stop working and start talking to a customer. The guys really like this 40 volt blower even though it's smaller; it's the perfect size for getting into those rock beds without blowing the rocks out. The 20 volts blower doesn't have the power or it doesn't have the performance of your professional landscaper. This isn't going to be your first choice of a tool but if you're in construction and you have sawdust on a job or you want to use this all around the house, this is a nice little tool.

40 Volts for Heavier Work

Let's look at these 40 volts. You can see the difference between a 20 volts trimmer on top and a 40 volts trimmer on the bottom. This is just a heavier duty unit. This thing is going to be able to take the daily grind that we landscapers are going to be putting against it. This is for the lighter work and the occasional use around your house. If you're a professional landscaper this isn't going to be your go-to tool.

This one is going to be your go-to tool but if you want to be able to grab the battery out of your drill, you're going to be able to use this battery just about anywhere. It's not going to last as long as and it's not going to be able to give you as much power as this bad boy right here, but it'll still cut your weeds when you need it done. Those are the basic differences that we have in this line-up. We've already been putting these things to the test and comparing them to gasoline.

Can Electric Replace Gasoline?

We've got Jake with not one, but two Dewalt leaf blowers and Aries with Old Faithful. Let's get them going, go for it. So the question is, can electric replace gasoline? Not when you need the extra power to pile-drive through to do the end-of-the-year clearances or to tackle those big jobs. You're going to need to go with gasoline. For the daily grind and hustle, electric is a phenomenal choice. We are talking about a zero thinking machine which means it's a grab-and-go. Put it in your guy's hands and they can focus more on what they're trying to accomplish, than trying to get the tool to work the right way.

God bless. Go get 'em.



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