Dewalt Power Washer Review


Hey guys, this is Phil with Dirt Monkey University, and we're on the last day of this project. We just finished a large string this project on this property and we're cleaning up the driveway. At the end of our jobs we want to leave these houses looking better than the way we found them.   So we're using this Dewalt3000 PSI Pressure Washer. It’s about $770-$780 brand new from a big box store. The cool thing about this pressure washer is that I've had it at least 6-7 years.

Dewalt3000 PSI Pressure Washer
In the past, we've talked about proper maintenance of small equipment. Unfortunately, I'm the first one to break this rule when it comes to these pressure washers. Guys, this gets thrown in the back of our truck at the beginning and at the end of a job. Often, the maintenance on this is an oversight. Unfortunately, bricks will fall on these pressure washers and they take a ton of abuse. We always treat them kind of as a throw away tool. Like they last a few years then we get rid of them and get a new one, but this is not the case with this Dewalt Pressure Washer. It has lasted a long time and continues to start on the first or the second pull every time with little or no maintenance. I'm not recommending that you don't maintain your small equipment, but what I am saying is if you're looking for something top that can handle repeated use, check out this Dewalt Pressure Washer. Thanks and have a great day.



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