Free Sample Contracts & Project Proposals- Landscaping, lawn care, Snowplowing, and Invoice template

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Stan: You spoke, I listened. A lot of you guys are emailing me, texting me "Hey can I get a copy of your contracts?" "Can I get a copy of your proposals?"

Stan: Absolutely. They're now all free at Dirk Monkey University. I've got a spot where you can go and you can get a free copy of my snow plowing hourly contract, an actual landscaping proposal that I turned into a customer, a copy of a lawn maintenance contract that you guys can use. You're gonna have to modify all of these for your own needs, and I also put in a sample of the reference sheet that I give out to new customers, those that haven't worked with me before, just to establish my credibility and authority in the market. You guys can use this to do the exact same thing.

Stan: When you get to Dirk Monkey University, what you're going to find is a donate button. Don't feel like you have to use that.

Stan: Everything okay, cat?

Stan: I know when you're first getting started, times are tight. Don't feel like you gotta pay anything for it, but if you do decide to use the donate button, it's a dollar, five dollars, whatever you feel like using, all it tells me is if I'm on the right track with these things or not. If it's valuable information. And what happens is if I'm hearing from you guys, yeah, this is stuff we could use, then I can add to this. I can give you copies of retaining law contracts, give you copies of demolition projects. That's a big one. That's a difficult one.

Stan: I can get it all broke down for you, give you copies of all the types of different contracts from grading work, to landscaping, bidding, estimating, proposals, anything that I think you guys could use, I'll give you. That's what the "donate now" button means to me. It's kind of like a feedback if I'm on the right track or not.

Stan: So, go there, don't feel like you have to use it, get your free contracts, get your free proposals, get your free copies just because I love you guys, I love you gals out there. God bless, I want your guys' business to absolutely rock. That's what it boils down to. I just want it to be awesome for you guys.

Get your free sample contracts today!


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