Hiniker vs Western - Snow Plow Review

<h5>Western MVP3 Vs Hiniker Scoop</h5>
Today we're going to put a Western MVP3 V snowplow against the Hiniker scoop plow. We’re going to talk about the benefits of each plow. We’ll also talkabout the negative portions of the plows. That way you can make an informed decision for yourself

What are you going to see is a new Western, contractor grade MVP3 three and what we have on this side is a Hiniker scoop. Now this is an older plow, so you may be giving us a fair comparison? Let me just tell you, this Hiniker your scoop plow smokes any other plow we've ever ran. We've ran boss. We've ran Leo. We have three Western snow plows.

For carrying capacity, the Hiniker snowplow is easily the monster plow of everything. We have. One of the things I like about this snowplow here in particular. This one has what we call a poly blade. So that's not metal; that's just plastic. That means when you're carrying the power around and not snowplowing, it's light, it's easy, and it's agile. This has no moving parts. Similar to a straight blade. It's just a dedicated scoop. I was nervous when I first bought. It I thought, “Well, what is this going to do?” I switched up from a Hiniker v-plowto this plow, and I would never look back again.

Well let's take a look at this western MVP three brand new plow. It's an incredible plow. Fast. Responsive. There's a lot of things I like about it, but when you're going from something with a smaller plow to a bigger plow, it's still a rough adjustment. Especilaly when you’re used to ccarrying large piles of snow. So although the Western looks much bigger than the Hiniker ,when it comes for carrying capacity in cubic yards, the Hiniker here beats it hands down.
<h5>Hooking Up</h5>
But there's more to the story. You’ve heard me bragging about the carrying capacity of these Hiniker plows, let’s talk about the negative thing. It's hooking up to these things. Although it's the bomb diggity once you get it on. It's a bear to actually get it hooked up. They have this weird little lever system. They got a little ear right there. And that little ear hooks into the frame, and that's what actually connects the plow to the truck. They say you're able to drive right into it. That's not true. It takes two guys and a skid loader to hook one of these snow plow up. in the fact.

When we get one of these snowplows hooked up to a truck (we put them on November 15<sup>th</sup>) they do not come off until April 15th. That's how tough they are. But let's look at the Western plow. The reason we're switching everything over to Western plows is we don't want to carry the snow fall around all season long in the front of our front of our trucks. We want to be able to drop them off and hook up. The the western part is by far the easiest plow on the market to hook up to your truck. You've got these giant ears these giant toggle hook and levers you come even close to that thing and it's like a magnet. It just goes right under the truck. hooks up and you're in business.

By far, of any snow plow I've ever dealt with, the Western is the best to take on and off. The scoop plow has the biggest and best carrying capacity. Both plows have benefits. Both of them have drawbacks. Now you know the rest of the story.



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