Hoarder's House- Dirtiest, Most filthy house on Youtube

Behind me, is a little house that’s been condemned and foreclose. I’ve never been in this house and we’re going to open those doors and we’re going to walk in and i don’t know what we’re going to find. I don’t know what this is, but this looks like diapers. That’s those are diapers. I don’t know what I’m sitting on but it doesn’t look pretty. Okay, the first thing I’m going to point on is some of you guys are getting into demolition.  You must always do a walk through on a house because, you will be surprised and what a house like this may hold. So let’s go, check it out. That is literally that’s a pile of bones. At the end of this video I’m going to teach you how to price cleaning out a structure like this and then I’m going to share with you an insider’s technique that will allow you to be able to do it in half the time and half the cost typical clean out crew. That’s not a good sign. Oh my god! But that’s dirty diapers hanging right there. Oh! All right in the comments down below take your best guesses how many times I almost puke trying to make this video. Okay! I’m now climbing up a pile. Oh my god! This smell looks like they like two pringles. One of the thing that you got to worry about  in a house like his is needles in. All honesty this doesn’t surprise me the smell you can imagine. What the smell is like with bags of rotting food, this has to be cleaned out before you can demolish the structure. This has to be removed prior to demolition of the entire building. For recycling purposes you can’t mix construction debris with garbage. Let’s see what else is in here. Literally standing on three or four feet of garbage. This is an eight foot ceiling. I can touch this whole thing right here this is dirty diapers, Holy crap! I couldn’t even find the kitchen. You guys wouldn’t believe it, I don’t even think that was a kitchen and I thought that was a wall, wall of garbage. Full hazmat suits to get this place cleaned up. Full gear for respirator gear. I know what my future son in law is going to be going for the next couple days. Hahahah Well you then get to see earlier. I literally fell through the garbage and hit the subfloor reach down and pick this up, this is just a bag of cigarettes. Just a random bag, just a random bag of cigar. That’s like a moat of diapers, I don’t know how I’m going to get across here but I’ve got to, I got to get I don’t even know how big this house is that’s a kitchen?? I don’t know what’s there I don’t know what’s in the bed bedroom. This stuff is shifting underneath my weight that probably doesn’t help. Can’t! I feel like gagging why, why do i feel like rotting cans of cat food. What! Chilli, okay! I’m surprised there isn’t wild animals  in here. There’s got to be rats in here, there’s got to be rats don’t scare me. We got to get across this moat of diapers. No it’s gonna reach up and grab this ceiling but the ceiling is covered in faeces where they would balance as they were going across. I am now literally standing halfway up the refrigerator on garbage. I’ve just made a discovery, this place still electricity, I would have never imagined that the lights would still be on in this place that means this was recently abounded, just because it’s got electricity doesn’t make this any better though. I heard the refrigerator running. Do I dare?? Huh! It’s sealed shut with grime. Oh here we go, here we go. Aahh! Okay I’m sorry, sorry, I don’t mind animal, I don’t mind animal waste but it comes to human faeces bags of just bags of cigarettes. I got to be careful touching the ceiling because the people that lived here before this was the journey they would make every day, you got to understand this is how they got around and they were grabbing hold of the ceiling, they don’t have, they don’t have access to running water they couldn’t have access to running water because when you look at the sink is full so they never washed and when they never washed all their dirty are here they would reach up and grab here to get around and this is literally how they live. So this was an everyday journey for them, crawling! Through the house like this and which I don’t understand how could you have adult diapers and be that mobile. Alright, that’s a hallway, I’m going to go see what’s in there and oh there’s a bedroom and I know that’s what access to the basement. Okay so this is where they stored their cigarettes. How many hours would you sit in this room? Right the faeces, the smell of faeces in this room is absolutely overpowering. This i assume is the spot where people would... Aahh! I don’t know what I’m sitting, sitting on. But I know, but it doesn’t look pretty, I they would actually sit right here, this could be the only place in the bathroom and they would smoke cigarettes because there’s a pile right there of cigarettes. There is a pile of diapers literally covering the shower door. The things I do for YouTube, I’m out of here. I just touch the top of a bathroom door, you wouldn’t thing that’s a big deal but these people couldn’t have washed. Water wasn’t an option in this house and so they get around by kit walking just like I’m walking and they’d have to grab hold just like this. And this whole door top is covered in, just use your imagination.   It’s an adventure basement, down we go, and down we go. Smell gets worse, Oh really bad, bedroom, more diapers, rat mouse faeces ceiling caved in from probably just from the wet from the moisture because  that’s where all the diapers are stock piled up above, there’s a mattress if anybody needs one. Here we go, it’s wet, the air is so thick and musty it’s very difficult to breathe in this house. What is that ham diapers? Oh! There’s some hair I don’t what kind of hair that is? I’m not literally not making this up this where people lived. I don’t know what’s back there, I here something bad one is out here, this looks like the room lights. No! This looks like the room. Are those dog bones?  Literally that is a pile of that is, literally that’s a pile of bones, there is two distinct odours coming from it, there’s in the basement down here, there is this distinct odour must be mouldy odor which I thought is the worst, but it’s also mixed with rotting food that’s on the floor then as I go upstairs  it switches it turns to the strong urea odour just like faeces. So I just stepped on something and it squirted up my leg, walking over this is all diapers but surprisingly solid. Aahh! Diapers on my leg , Heeyy! They finished off all the pringles. Ding it! No typical clean out company would base a job like this on time and material, how many dumpsters will they need on this site? And how many man hours will it take to do the clean out. On a job like this you can estimate about 70 man hours and two dumpsters needed. So a typical cleaned out company would charge around six thousand dollars but that would not include any hazardous materials. Now I promised you an insider’s tip so this is how I would do, this is how I would peel the front of the house, right off i would peel the roof of this house, right off and then I would just use my excavator to do all of the clean-up, so my guys would have to actually handle very little of this debris themselves. Now the dumpsters would stay the same but the time to clean it up would be reduced dramatically. Hanging right there. Oh! Just a random bag. Just a random bag is here. The faeces.   Look I, I don’t know what I’m sitting, sitting on. But i know, right!   I don’t know what I’m sitting on diapers...


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