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Hours of Operation can equal Long Term Success


Here’s my buddy Sham McCarthy. He’s the Manager of a Lumber company and he is suffering from a classic burn out. I'm going to tell you guys and girls out there that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and you have to treat your employees like they're going to be around forever. Shawn stuff because he's feeling them burn out.


I work Monday-Friday on a normal basis and every other Saturday.


The point that I want to make is, 6 days on a week, 1 day off is just going to lead to burn out. You guys need to know that you have to give your people in the least 2 days off. Here's the typical scenario when you give a person 2days off (a Saturday and a Sunday). They're going to take Friday night and they're going to decompress and come down from the job. They're going to start to relax and have fun. Saturday, they're still feeling their decompression, but they're starting to come back to life. Saturday is their day off. Sunday morning, they transgress into still feeling the lifting of the burden, but come Sunday evening they know what's happening Monday. And they start to feel the pressure come back on again. If you only give a person 1 day off a week, there is no opportunity to decompress at all. There is no down time.  It's just constant dread. When you work 6 days a week, you are going to burn out exponentially faster than if you have 2 days off a week. I'm going to challenge you to go be out think a little bit outside the box. A friend of mine owns a utility company, and he has set his schedule for his guys. They only work 4 days a week but they work for 12hours shift and every single member of that company absolutely loves it because then they have 3 days off every single week.

4 Day Work Week

They decompress Thursday night. The guys love the challenge, they love knowing that they're going to get up Monday in they're going to bust their ass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and be done with it because it does not matter how many days a week you work because you're still on? You’re on, that entire time, you're never off when you're on Monday, even if you only work 8 hours. There’s no decompression time. There's no downtime, so you might as well work 12. If you're on for 10 hours, it does not matter.  You're still on when you go home. You don't get off until you're completely free from the job, and that's the only way you're going to be decompressed.


If you want quality employees, you've got to start looking at the changes in their mentalities and their wants and their needs. If you want to get rid of these people that are they're great for one or two years, but then you've got to turn around, you've got overhead change, you've got you're hiring these guys that are burning themselves out thinking that they can do it, but then what happens? They get married, they have kids, they have a mortgage they start to realize that life is more than working. Structuring your company to give the guys the ability to enjoy their work or to enjoy their life. It's not that they don't want to keep, working it's that they don't want to they don't want to live to work now the hours, it's the gaze of the week the neighborhood in the faster the burnout comes.


Yes it's the days of the week, they got to have the time to decompress, get that into your head as you're running this business, you want to keep guys around you've got to shift the mentality forget about working 6days a week, forget about working more days, put more hours in and a shorter term. Are you going to be able to get the same amount of hours in which going to be able to keep the quality for long term. Treat your business like it's a marathon


And I think you'll start to notice in the long run yeah you're only working those 4-5days a week and people are saying come to you and say well, I need something done on Friday or Saturday. You know what you can reschedule, you can you tell them hey look my guys need the time on Monday we'll get twice as much done in a shorter amount of time because my guys have the energy, they have the gumption and they have the willpower to get it done. Stan: So now, I'm going to contradict Shawn right there, I don’t even give excuses to my customers, I just say NO. The answer to that is no and we're off. Plain and simple! Shawn: you can do a whole lot of topic on the power of the word- No Stan: God bless you, love you guys, love you girls.


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