Recruit Quality Employees for Your Small Business

Hiring employees is always a huge concern for most small business. Employees are always changing jobs and are becoming incapable of staying in a position. Economists now suggest that trends will add to a lack of  employees - and small businesses will feel the effects. According to research, the labor force is getting smaller, as more people are leaving the labor market.

So how can a small business owner go about their recruitment process, get the best candidates, and as keep them? Let's look at 7 tips that will help in that regard.

1.   The salary offer should match the going rate

If you're to attract quality employees, you need to make that sacrifice of paying a matching salary. You could focus only on the top and vital positions at the initial stage. It's a no-brainer that the quality candidates will always go for the best offer in the market. 

If you're to fix a salary that's not up to that of your competitors, you may lose out on your target employees. Do thorough research on the going rate and try to match it. Even though this may be a strain on your finances, it will pay off in the long run.

2.   Reveal plan for success

There's a bit of risk involved in every small business, which means that it either stands or fails. Every employee that signs up has automatically decided to take that risk with you. The least you can do is to show them the plan you have in place to ensure that the business doesn't only stand, but also booms. 

Their decision to sign up or not could depend on the plan you have in place. If you're convincing enough, they'll be motivated to build with you and be part of the success story. Be transparent enough to show them the numbers and projections, that's the best way to convince them.

3.   Have an employee benefit program in place

What do I stand to benefit if I'm to work here? Most employees ask this secret question. Ensure to include some attractive incentives, bonuses, and basic insurance coverage. 

Certain working conditions could attract quality employees, even when the salary is not the most attractive. Give them a reason to give thoughts to working with you even as a small business.

4.   Let there be a work-life balance

This is an effective way to create a pleasant work environment and get the best out of your staff. There has to be a balance between their private life and work. When they are guaranteed of their time off work, they will be obliged to give their very best when they are at work. Make it clear to them that working with you will not take a toll on their personal life. 

5.   Offer an opportunity for advancement

Every ambitious staff wants an opportunity to grow and get better. If your business doesn't have the potential to do that, it may not attract the best candidates out there. While trying to grow your small business, you need to also make room for your staff to advance. 

You should be able to give them a chance to improve their skills and learn new ones. It could be training, courses, or workshops. There also has to be room for promotions and increment in salaries. When you lay all these on the table while recruiting, it'll likely influence their decision making.

6.   Let your brand be appealing

The truth remains that people only want to be associated with success, and that's also what attracts them. It may be a small service-oriented business, but if it shows promise, people will scramble to be part of it. 

Some of the quality candidates only need to be sure that you're on the right path to join your team. Let your product or service speak for itself.

7.   Do effective advertising

No matter how attractive your offer is if the candidates you're targeting don't get to see it, it becomes pointless. Go beyond the local newspapers; make use of job websites and social media to advertise your vacancies. 

Your current employees can also get involved by making referrals of suitable candidates. It will help you to save a lot of time and money, so you could do well to give them bonuses or commissions.

The Interview Session

An interview session is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the recruitment process. It presents the platform for you to have a one on one chat with the candidates. Applications are mere words on paper; an interview enables you to know them on a more personal level. It also enables you to confirm their qualifications and determine if they fit the role. 

It's important to put in great and thorough planning into your interviews. You need to have the right questions as well as know precisely what you need. Find out their expectations and match it with yours to ascertain if there is a fit.

What questions are you to ask?

As we said, the questions you ask during an interview determines to a large extent if you get the suitable candidates or not. It could be behavioral or situational questions. Below are some interview questions that may help you select the right candidates. 

     I. What motivates you at work? 

This reveals a lot about the candidate's personality, attitude to work, and commitment. It tells or exposes their major reason for applying for the job.

   II. How would you describe our business to a potential client?

This shows you how well the candidate knows or understands the business. It would also reveal, to a great extent, their passion and enthusiasm.

  III. Who are our main competitors?

This first of all shows their level of preparedness for the interview. If the candidate takes the pain to do background research on the tiny details, he/she will likely show that same level of dedication and commitment if hired.

 IV. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It reveals their goals and ambition, with which you can determine if they fit into your set goals. It will also tell whether your business is just a means to an end for them or they want to build with you.

   V. Why did you leave your last job?

This tells you about their track record. Bad attitudes, sense of entitlement, dishonesty, or negligence are traits you should avoid. Even though they may not be honest about this, the way they answer will tell you a lot. 

Some could have left their previous job because it was no longer challenging. For others, it could be that there was no opportunity for advancement or growth. The above scenarios show ambition and could be a good sign.

 VI. Describe your work style

This talks about their approach to work, their methods, and skill set. Do they prefer to work alone or they are team players? It helps you to determine whether they fit that particular role or not.

 VII. Do you have any questions for us?

You want to hire an employee who has a real interest in your business. The above question reveals how active or passive they are. Do they ask questions that show that they understand the business and want to add value? These are some of the things you need to look out for.

Every big business you see today started small. If they could break all the boundaries and challenges to make it, you too can. It may be a small business, but with the right approach, you'll achieve everything you want. 

This includes attracting and keeping quality employees. Don't ever feel limited, set the ball rolling today with the help of the above tips, and watch your small business make that much-needed transition.


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