Review - Toro Lawn Mower & EZ Vacuum


Alright, let's do a review of this Toro 61 inch Z series professional lawn mower.  This one has the bagging system on it. It also has the optional weight kit that we've put on the front. We have the dethatching unit which goes on the front of this thing, so when we do the spring and fall cleanup's we can also offer that service. You're doing in the leaf clean up here, right?  So then you blew it all out, and then how did the mower work for sucking it up? Worked good other than the tube plugging up on every single time.  Were the leaves wet or dry? They weren't really wet, but the grass was so long that I think there was still moisture under them. Luckily we went through how to unplug it, right? Yeah. Did you end up sticking your arm down in the vacuum at all?  Yeah. I don't think I filled that whole thing up without having to unclog it. Same thing happened when I was bagging the leaves in my yard. This setup, I don't like it.  What do you think? I don't like it either.  That took way too long. I think that there can be a better way. This thing should just be more efficient. You know what I mean?


OK. So on a scale of 1 to 10 for the Toro EZ Vac attachment. Let's get our hands-on rating. What would you rate it? 4. On a scale of one to 10 you, my friend, get a 4.  So whatever they want to charge you for that thing, tell them you pay them 40 percent of that cost. An acre and a half filled with trees.  I have least 15 visits to the dump. At least 15 trips back in a drop it and pulling forward again. But I'd like to have a little bit more carrying capacity in this back hopper, but it is what it is. I mean it is a lawn mower; it's not a dump truck. Outside of the bagger attachment working like crap. What do you think of the mower itself?  The mower worked great. I mean it's sucked things up like no other. It looked just clean after you're done. Yeah. Until it would plug. What about the operation of the mower itself? Anything in particular? I don't like that when you push it forward it just keeps going forward. So when you're sitting on the machine explain that will ya? when you push the things forward, you go forward. The little Grandstand, once you let go, you stop.  But with this mower, you have to bring the handles back to stop it. Well, there you go. There you can see it wherever you push, it stays so you push it backwards.  


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