Rhino Lining vs. Painting Equipment

Rhino Liner

As a paint alternative, Rhino Liner is an absolute no-brainer but it can go wrong really fast if you don't know what you're doing. I'm going to show you what I'm talking about on this car, but then I'm going to show you how to do it right when you're coming to paint your own piece of construction equipment. We're also going to cover it with a coat of Rhino lining, so let's get started and the skid loaders, the two fifty is getting Rhino lining. These guys are tearing her apart and they're going to be taking her down here, bare bones, and covering everything in Rhino liner to protect this machine. I think it's perfect for a construction application. Let me know what you guys think of this idea. You guys already know that Rhino liner offers superior protection. You're putting it in the beds of your trucks, it keeps scratches off. Scratches lead to rust. But a piece of construction equipment is absolutely no different. Those scratches are like open wounds and if you tend to use that piece of equipment off season snowplowing, it's in a highly corrosive atmosphere. That salt will literally turn your piece of equipment into a rust bucket within a few years. It was time for this skid loader to get a new paint job but I wanted it protected better than typical enamel paint can cover. But Rhino lining is tricky, especially on moving parts. It literally forms a mat and as soon as the part moves. It will peel the Rhino lining off the rest of the paint.

My Mistakes

Let me show you on my own car, this is the mistake I made. Look at this door handle. Because I did not separate the line before I attempted to open the door, you can see right here where I peeled up the paint. If I had separated first, I wouldn't have this issue right now. So with the Rhino lining on a piece of construction equipment, you have so many moving parts that you've got to compensate for those moving parts. I want to show you about what I mean with these moving parts, take a look at these pins. So then that part right there, will be like this part but that will get covered with black paint, right? That’s the plan. Just so that it evens it all out. If we left it Rhino-lined, what would happen is, when we go to remove this pin, this whole thing would come off. That's where it gets tricky. You have to be very careful that any moving component on your construction equipment has a clearly defined line separating the Rhino liner from the rest of the moving components. But when you apply Rhino lining to a piece of construction equipment, you don't actually just blindly spray over the entire machine. You have to separate out all of the moving pivot points on their piece of equipment. On these pivot points, the machine is not Rhino-lined, it's actually using matching black enamel paint.


So let's talk about the cost of Rhino lining. It's actually very comparable to a high quality paint job. A typical piece of construction equipment when done properly will cost you anywhere from two to three thousand dollars in today's example. That was the cost for this skid loader if you were going to go out and start over from scratch. But the shop doing it for you must be prepared to do more prep work. They've got to be able to find and locate all of the pivot points to make sure that they separate the Rhino lining from those areas. So right there you've got the wire tape. You are pulling that up and that creates a very clean line so that you can blend the paint a little better, right? Also Rhino Lining doesn't have to be black; it can be any color you choose. It's up to you. If you have a white piece of equipment, you can have white Rhino lining. If you want to go a completely alternative color they can mix that in at a lot of different places.


So let's wrap this up. The benefits of Rhino-lining a piece of construction equipment are clear. It absolutely offers superior protection over your standard paints.  Protection from scratches from highly corrosive environments where your machine is exposed to high levels of salt. It's actually sealed-in, encapsulated within the machine keeping it protected from the corrosive elements outside. Rhino lining is also very comparable in expense to a high quality paint job done the right way. Rhino lining also can come in a variety of colors, you're not limited to black. If you're thinking about Rhino-lining, make sure you understand all of the key components before you tackle it. Because you don't want your Rhino lining job to go wrong. So share with me your stories about your Rhino lining experience in the comments down below. God bless. Go get them.


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