Everything you need to know about installing pavers - planning, estimating, project management, sales techniques and more...

Diversify today!

Don't guess on the numbers - get the education your competition doesn't have ----> right here, in one complete course!
Learn about pricing, planning, bidding, project management, sales and more. All the tools you need to develop this expansion to your business.

We ARE landscapers, we USE these methods and formulas to diversify our landscaping businesses - and you can too!

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Here's What You'll Learn:

If you have been struggling to add paver installation into your services portfolio or just want to grow your business by adding another profitable avenue of income, this course is for you. 
Following this course, you'll get the complete A-Z on building and maintaining your paver business. It's the largest of its kind and gives you the full blueprint to provide this service to your customers... so no matter what your level of expertise is, you will benefit from the depth of knowledge this course offers.

Comprehensive Course Modules:

18-part Video/Download Series

Introduction to Pavers

*Interlocking Paving Introduction & History 
*Paver Strength (Interlock)

Planning, Bidding, Pricing, Selling

*Basic Job Planning & Job Jacket System
*Estimating Material Quantities
*Understanding Pricing Components
*Overhead in Detail
*Understanding Your Financial Statement
*How to Bid Paver Patios
*Job Planning Spreadsheet (instructional tutorial)

Technical Paver Instruction

*Paver Installation Overview 
*Subgrade Preparation (Technical Lesson) 
*Geotextiles & Edge Restraints
*Bedding & Joint Sand and Aggregates

Sales & Project Management

*Sales Techniques
*Easy vs. Complex Projects
*How to Manage a Project
*How to Maintain Pavers
*Hardscape Contracts

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