3 Simple Steps to Expand into Water Features & Ponds

Generate more profits without having to expand your existing customer base - give your customers more choices for their landscaping projects!

🎥Construction Guide

Add Water Features & Ponds to your current landscaping services, or begin your specialty business with this guide.
“DIY Construction Guide to Everything Ponds: Pondless Waterfalls, Fountains & Water Features. Learn how to go from start to finish on your own project.”

Step 1: Watch these step-by-step videos and learn to install water features & ponds:

Step 2: Register as a contractor - select your first installation kit

After watching the videos, pick an installation kit to complete a practice installation. Many contractors will choose to do this on their own property in order to perfect their technique.

Sign Up for Contractor Pricing

While you wait for your contractor status to be verified, select your installation first kit:

Select a Landscape Fountain Kit
Select a Waterfall Kit
Select a Pond / Water Garden Kit

Step 3: Market & Sell Water Features

Now that you've installed your first water feature, it's time to market and sell the service to your customers. Aquascape provides marketing materials you can customize with your own business information.

Download the How-To Guide


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