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Editable Employee Handbook

Our employee handbook is an editable 13 page document that goes over just about everything you would need to cover for existing and new employees.  There may be things that you want to add for your specific company, but it shouldn’t be much.  

Items covered include:

Letter from the [YOUR TITLE HERE]

Standard of Conduct

Unacceptable Activities

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Substance Abuse

Harassment Prevention Policy

No Solicitation of Employees from Suppliers and Partners

Records Retention Policy

Open Door policy and Counseling


Injury Reporting

Employment Application

Your Personnel File

Anniversary Date

Employment Classifications

“At Will” Employment

Proof of U.S. Citizenship and/or Right to Work

Equal Employment Opportunity

Outside Employment                                                              

Performance Feedback

Compensation Reviews

Absence or Lateness

Excessive Absenteeism or Lateness


Exit Interviews

Salary and Payroll Policies

Basis for Determining Pay

Deductions from Paycheck

Employee Theft Policy

Broken Items Policy

Background Check




Employee Incentive Program

Unpaid Leave
a.     Military Leave       
b.     Jury Duty   
c.     Voting       

Government Required Coverage                                                        
a.     Workers’ Compensation     
b.     Unemployment Compensation
c.      Social Security     


Employee Signature Page


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