18-Year-Old Makes $500,000 per year - Entrepreneur Mindset

Stan:I am with Cullen green is an eighteen year old senior in high school he's been in business for ninety years and he's now topping out over five hundred thousand dollars per year he's going to walk us through the steps on how he originally built his business where is it today so that you guys can we do the exact same things in your life.

Cullen how are you doing today?

Three, two, one

Cullen: I am well

Stan: Thank you coming on the air today Cullen the first thing I want to address is you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth how did you get started and what age were you when you originally got started?

Cullen: we started or I started soon forget it if it fourth or fifth grade eight hundred or cheap mower from Sears that's what began on tire journey and then fifth grade is when I bought my first commercial mower in a little six by ten trailer so that was this are quite a few years ago

Stan: so you're in fourth grade and how did you get the eight hundred dollars to buy your first more is that money in the bank account we had fifteen hundred dollars of just general money you know birthdays whatever and really spent any money I would like to save money and I use whomever to my dad fifty dollars saying it with this in my carry fives.

That's kind of what started it all.

Cullen: so you guys started when you were in fourth grade by saving out money that you had collected throughout your whole life anybody craftsman more and then what happened after that I did that for a year I cut I cut into your three yards probably was one hundred bucks you know one of the much money did some small stuff here and then I bought year later after buying them are on a sixty inch through trees for nuts you know people and that's what we'll start you know start off at one of our two on three runs turn and six yards.as time progressed.

Stan: So in fifth grade you are able to save enough money out from what you did in fourth grade to buy a three thousand dollars mower correct at C two grand two you know two three grand I think.

Cullen: Twenty-five hundred twenty-four dollars for sixty-inch walk behind mowers what began on after that was set by ten ten trailor and a bunch of handheld tools of craftsman and our polls one of the best but it caught by was the fundamentals at the time.

Stan: And right now as a senior in high school you just bought a brand new Caterpillar skint motor for sixty two thousand plus dollars Now he's purchased the cabs or last piece of equipment a couple trucks after that the difference is a great Caterpillar Trask is here for our housekeeping crew.

Stan: I guess the big question is how did you build this business while you were still in high school Cullen

Cullen: I built off of when you know if you want to work and work hours and don't want to work I started in ninth grade every day after school I work from three o'clock till till dark dark here in I used to call the grass I did everything when I was a freshman in high school I was working every jobs going on I was at and I was doing stuff that I wasn't at work and sofomore years when I really started to be able to hire people I have a lot more work than you'd do I had one landscape crew and that's all we do is cut grass and do it or walls do a stuff here and there but that was a time in my school to leave little bit early so I started with a work program and I just increased the time to have a school over the last three years and you know Senior High School.

Well you got your fourth period it might go on my credit started tired to school I got to say worked out that is where we are now

Stan: how did how did a kid because you basically a kid when you were nineth grade

three hundred a kid to get a nothing worked night in tenth grade to hire a crew How did you go on acquire new jobs and build the trust needed to have customers sign on the dotted line to give you contracts for thousands of dollars worth of work sure.

Cullen: so I started nicely write the last one company completely with the government did all the taxes and did everything my licensing I had general insurance before that but

before that I never was legal at the state or the government so once I legalized myself I got myself on the Internet commerce on Angi'es list ,a system worked up a nice account. Built up pretty well on there and there are anxious three years here fifty reviews probably all A plus rating super service works the whole nine yards line is our the Internet Angeles mainly to advertise the the company and where we go out and get enough reviews and do get work in Word of Mouth you you're never going to get any better advertisement that you know you wake up every day the phone is ringing it's a good day so that's kind of a stall started and I are telling you not driver's license I was hired guy to work for me who our license that drove my truck him you know I was one of the workers my .I did it accordingly progressed and more and more and more poise showed up and more work showed up four years later we're. So it's never a dull moment

Stan: so you started as a fourth grader with absolutely no money except for the eight hundred you saved up then you reinvested that to buy mower and man is that the formula you've used to get to the point now where as a senior in high school you're doing a half a million dollars a year business and buying brand new equipment.

Cullen: you're only as good as your last job off always staying on top of everything always make sure of course there are a good people says people are extremely difficult task have been blessed with got a good core five guys that work me full time that are you know I don't know the name but understand what I mean to do what I want to do they respect that and when you are going to get good work he can get your clients take care of the end of the day it's you know I said Here is your last job so you always keep in the core you work I make sure you don't have anything interfere if you too while you are at it.

Stan: how many guys they have on right now Cullen so we're right now in the winter so a lot of our guys are laid off however in the spring we'll probably be out in the spring eight to ten and then this summer we might peak twelve this year I don't know about that just yet but I want full time guys to the season this year.

Stan: so you've got a lot of young entrepreneurs and it doesn't matter when I say young I you guys can be thirty forty years old but if you have an array or own business before you're still a young entrepreneur . Young to the entrepreneurial game college what words of wisdom would you share you've been a business for nine years you developed a business while you were in high school you did something unique and applied yourself in a way that most guys don't think is possible you've proved as possible what words of wisdom would you share with guys just getting started to help them out?

Cullen: Dont let anybody tell you can't do it he don't need anything you want to end the day it's all up to you,you know not everybody is going to be for you doing it you know I have a lot of people that say it's my dad's company passed down to me or I was given a bunch of my to get it down or whatever maybe I'll listen to it it's all your people were going to doubt you people who are people want to be at the end of the day but I do every want to accomplish what you are and it's going to actually happen is work work

Stan: so true calling so true is there any way you guys that are really want to find out more could reach out and connect with you.

Cullen: yes you can check out real website and which is. Green landscaping dot com my emails phone green landscaping yahoo if you want to get in touch with me you can check our Instagram Patriot just for business and want to form your own personal Instagram we have one just for workouts green landscaping underscore each supremest keeping us where P.C.H. a lot more pictures jobs whatever we might be try post on that every day. Keep people in touch with what's going on here what changes.

Stan: And for those of you guys that are interested I've been documenting Cullen journey since you were junior in high school right Cullen.

Cullen: I think we did a video our a year we did a word

Stan: we did a video when you were eleventh grade and you were doing two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year in business as a junior you have since doubled your business just in the last year you purchased brand new equipment and we did upon pod case there's plenty of information for you guys to watch is Journey as he's been progressing calling Cullen can do it it you guys can do it as well.

Cullen: And her exactly right about that blast bill get him don't let anyone tell you it's not possible

Stan: thanks Cullen

Cullen: Thanks Stan Appreciate it


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