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Stan Genadek: What's up Dirt Monkey Maniacs? Today, we're going to talk about what everybody says you need to do, but nobody shows you how to do it. Not a lot of you know that I own a lawn care company, what you don't know is, my excavating company is completely separate from the lawn care division and what nobody knows is that I own a third company doing pure construction, decks, house additions, remodeling work and two other companies. All of my companies run themselves without me, you're going to see that today. If I can do it, you can do it. Each company is completely unique from the other companies but the systems that run them are not, they’re universal across the board. But what's even more important is, I'm going to teach you guys how to do the exact same thing. When you understand the basic principles of a system, you can tweak it and make it fit just about any company's profile. The system is the fundamental key to building a...

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How to Plant a Yard and Grass Seed like a Pro - Grow a New Lawn, Overseeding, Yard & Sod Care Tips

Whether you're seeding a brand new lawn for the very first time or you're overseeding a thinning out existing lawn, we're going to give you three rules for success using three very simple tools. It doesn't even have to be as complicated as this thing. It all starts with the base.  If your subsoil it's hard like concrete, your new lawn doesn't stand a chance. Ideally you must loosen up the top four inches, but a lot of people mistake that for thinking they need four inches of black dirt. Nothing could be further from the truth. The perfect man will have 1/3 black dirt, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 compost. Once you get the subsoil ready you can lay down your seed.

Seed Type

Rule number 2: for the best long term results, you have to pick the right seed right out of the gate. If you have a wide open sunny area, use a sunny mixture. But if you've got a shady area and you use this grass seed, it will sprout and it will germinate, but it will slowly die off. That's why you would need a shady...

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6 Reasons Businesses Fail & How to be Successful


Dirt Monkey: It's the Dirt Monkey here at Dirt Monkey. You have heard the stats; ninety percent of you are doomed to fail, seven percent of you are gonna struggle eating hand to mouth, and three percent of you get to live the American dream. That is total B. S. I believe every person should have a chance at the American dream, it's not reserved for the select few that know the rules. There are multimillionaires today that didn't exist five years ago. They didn't invent anything new they're just doing something that is already established but doing it better.

The absolute best companies in the world have entire teams of people thinking in unison all with one common goal and they're called mastermind groups. That's how small businesses get really frickin' big. Do this, and you will make tons of money. If you think you alone hold all the answers, then good luck it's insanity. Today I'm going to share with you six technical tips of the people that succeed already know, so let's get this...

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091: Chuck Bowen - Growing with Fewer Pains

Chuck Bowen, editor of Lawn and Landscape Magazine, talks about how to grow your business with fewer growing pains.

Set yourself apart from other companies with excellent customer service.  Customers want someone who is going to call them back and do a good job.

Solve the "labor problem" by creating a culture that makes people want to work for you.

What can people do to take themselves from a small to medium sized company?  "What got you here, won't get you there."  It requires the owner to step back into different rolls.  The owner needs to hire people to do the work he/she was doing and do different work (sales and business building).  What systems do we need to put into place so we can effectively scale it.  Get everything that's in the owner's head on paper so their employees know exactly what to do.  The owner who doesn't eventually step back, becomes the limiting factor in the company.

In the off-season, you should be stepping back and...

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18-Year-Old Makes $500,000 per year - Entrepreneur Mindset

Stan:I am with Cullen green is an eighteen year old senior in high school he's been in business for ninety years and he's now topping out over five hundred thousand dollars per year he's going to walk us through the steps on how he originally built his business where is it today so that you guys can we do the exact same things in your life.

Cullen how are you doing today?

Three, two, one

Cullen: I am well

Stan: Thank you coming on the air today Cullen the first thing I want to address is you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth how did you get started and what age were you when you originally got started?

Cullen: we started or I started soon forget it if it fourth or fifth grade eight hundred or cheap mower from Sears that's what began on tire journey and then fifth grade is when I bought my first commercial mower in a little six by ten trailer so that was this are quite a few years ago

Stan: so you're in fourth grade and how did you get the eight hundred dollars to buy...

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088: Danny Iny - Make Money Selling Your Knowledge

Danny Iny's passion is teaching people how to sell online courses to generate income.  He is the founder of Mirasee, a company dedicated to improving the world by helping people spread their knowledge.  They teach people how to do different components of online marketing.

Links from this episode:

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How to Get Started in Asphalt Seal Coating

Marvin with Wis-Coat

Stan: I am with Marvin with Wis-Coat today. He's going to talk about sealcoating. It is a very lucrative additional business that you can get into. It can be either be a solo business, or it can be an additional service onto whatever outdoor service business you're already doing.

Marvin: True.

Stan: Marvin was eighteen years old. He saved up enough money to start his own seal coating business and now he's doing up to eight thousand dollars a day in seal coating driveways. He's going to teach us how you can do it as well.

Stan: Before we get started, Marvin, can you just tell us what exactly is seal coating?

What is Seal Coating?

Marvin: So your asphalt over time loses some of the essential aggregate that's on top. You'll notice that it goes from smooth to a little bit rough, and then if you look across your neighbors and theirs is cracked and has potholes, that's from lack of seal coating. So what a seal coating does, this goes on top. We use a product, either...

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Taxes in Business

Most people would get pretty excited if they were told they had to spend $54,000 in three days.  But, in all honesty, nothing could be further from the truth when you own your own small business. Today's story doesn't start on January 1st when the fiscal year ends. My story actually starts three months prior to that, around October 1st. That's when I begin my end of year budgeting. This year I planned it a little too tight.

Start Planning October 1

What am I talking about? On October 1st I start to forecast where my gross revenue is going to be and where my expenses are then I try to get those to match up as close as possible to eliminate as much profit as I can from the company. The reason I do that is, Uncle Sam will take 30% of all the profit my company shows. Don't get me wrong, I love what Uncle Sam's doing but I don't feel like giving them 30% of all my hard-earned labour....

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How to Make Money as a Kid or Teenager

I’m with Zane Hill, he is 16 years old. He started his mowing company with $0 he is gonna share. Thank you for coming on the air.  I absolutely love this story. Can you tell us how you got started, Zane?


In summer 2016 I searched and searched for jobs young kids. I didn't have my driver's licence and stuff, so I was going to work at Chick-Fil-A, but I decided not to because it was so much work to get there and back every day. I actually never mowed before. Never even my yard.  My dad told me to go cut the grass, so I cut the grass and it was kind of fun. I liked what I did and you could see the final result that was where it got all started. So you were 15 when you started cutting grass for the first time? Yes sir. You are 16 now?? Yes, I turned 16 over the summer. And you have your own company called the Young Man and His Mower?? Yes sir. How did you get started? How did you get mower??

Bike Carrier Trailer

Luckily my parents had two mowers.  My dad...

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