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He's landing $100,000 jobs - he's 21 years old!

My buddy Keith Kalfas went to the Grant Cardone 10x conference & met a kid thats landing Job after job-each one over $100,000. He decided to interview him. Here it is.

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Bidding and Estimating Stupid Mistakes Landscapers & Contractors Make when Pricing their Jobs

Stan: All right, guys, we're bidding and estimating today, but we're not just doing any bids and estimates. We're looking at some pretty massive projects. One of them is right here. Another one is out on another site.

Stan: Whoa, actually, guys, we're not actually going to go look at that other job, because I realize that it's a lot of numbers. These are big projects, and I don't want to overwhelm you and get you confused. Some of you guys really want to start learning how to do bidding and estimating, so I'm going to break this into two separate videos. 

Stan: Today, we're going to be looking at the project I'm on, and down the road we're going to be looking at another project, entirely different.

Stan: Now, you're going to see this huge variance between the numbers. On this job, guys, the low bid was $54,000, and the high bid was over $137,000 for the exact same job with the exact same set of specs, and it actually isn't surprising.

Stan: Don't let this get you afraid. 

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Setting Up Systems to Scale Your Business


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Stan Genadek: What's up Dirt Monkey Maniacs? Today, we're going to talk about what everybody says you need to do, but nobody shows you how to do it. Not a lot of you know that I own a lawn care company, what you don't know is, my excavating company is completely separate from the lawn care division and what nobody knows is that I own a third company doing pure construction, decks, house additions, remodeling work and two other companies. All of my companies run themselves without me, you're going to see that today. If I can do it, you can do it. Each company is completely unique from the other companies but the systems that run them are not, they’re universal across the board. But what's even more important is, I'm going to teach you guys how to do the exact same thing. When you understand the basic principles of a system, you can tweak it and make it fit just about any company's profile. The system is the fundamental key to building a...

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Bidding & Estimating - Landscape, Construction, Hardscape, Lawn Care


Stan:  In one hour, I'm going to hopefully teach you something that will change your life forever. I'm going to show you three simple rules that will potentially double your profits from this year forward for the rest of your life. It’s the three percent rule, the five percent rule and the 10 percent rule. Now at the end of this video some of you are going to say the ten percent rule is not achievable and for you it isn't, so congratulations you're right. You see for me I don't live by the 10 percent rule, I've upped that ante a decade ago. I've made the 10 percent rule be my 40 percent rule, to be my 50 percent rule, to be my 60 percent rule. If I can do it, then I know you guys can do it. One of the things I want you to focus on in this next hour, is to understand the effect of scarcity. At the end of this video, I'm going to give you some actual examples of how very common businesses can have very scarce services. So make sure you stay tuned all the way to the end.


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Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #3

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #1

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn care #2

And once you start to learn how to do it over and over again you will always get better and you gotta realize this Francisco somebody is being you learn I love this.This is best part of it somebody is paying you to learn.

Three, two , one

Your last question was about grading how do you get grading the right ?

Franciso; yeah

you know is that what you want to find out perfect I know now you are in my neck of the woods this is what I grew up doing and I can tell you that there are not going to be any two grading jobs are like heart skipping just like everything else there's never going to be two projects alike and we really got to focus on learning how to bid not necessarily just by going by the numbers but how to interpret those numbers.

How to interpret those sites and use your past experience you're going to build up a wealth of...

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How to Bid Mulch - Professional Estimating

How to Bid Mulch

Money is in the mulch, you guys know that I do demolition, excavation, I do all these massive retaining wall projects but there is a reason why I built and developed a course specifically on mulch. Every time you see the mulch, you should be able to see dollar bill certain on the floor in front of your eyes, so get ready and check this out. The reason I built a course directly on bidding mulch is because the profit potential in mulch is absolutely amazing. We are talking about incredible profits of 80%-90% on a job. But there is a rhyme and a reason to achieving those profits. At Dirt Monkey University, I created a course specifically to help contractors like you understand how to format your most proposals to have guaranteed profits every single time. There is no magic mystery number.  I show you how to calculate mulch up and break it down in a per cubic yard or a per ton basis. Whether it's hardwood, rock, or even rubber mulch,  we build profits into...

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Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn Care #1

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn Care #2

Q & A Decoding Estimates for Construction, Landscaping and Lawn Care #3

I'm going talk about ways that you can tackle bidding when you're not familiar with the job. You don't want to walk away and you go, "Oh yeah, well you know, I lost money." And you forget about it. You're going to keep repeating the cycle over and over and over again. We have Francisco from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the line today.  He has three questions about bidding. What is the process for cutting down trees? I'm not a tree removal or tree trimming company, but what I'm going to do is talk about ways that you can tackle bidding when you're not familiar with the work. so Before we get into it. I need to know the level of familiarity you guys have with tree trimming and tree removal.  Have you've done it before? I'm just doing. How is he done it in the past?  What formula has he used for getting the tree removal?...

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