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How to Bid Mulch

Money is in the mulch, you guys know that I do demolition, excavation, I do all these massive retaining wall projects but there is a reason why I built and developed a course specifically on mulch. Every time you see the mulch, you should be able to see dollar bill certain on the floor in front of your eyes, so get ready and check this out. The reason I built a course directly on bidding mulch is because the profit potential in mulch is absolutely amazing. We are talking about incredible profits of 80%-90% on a job. But there is a rhyme and a reason to achieving those profits. At Dirt Monkey University, I created a course specifically to help contractors like you understand how to format your most proposals to have guaranteed profits every single time. There is no magic mystery number.  I show you how to calculate mulch up and break it down in a per cubic yard or a per ton basis. Whether it's hardwood, rock, or even rubber mulch,  we build profits into every layer of the job.

Writing Proposals

When you know how to format your proposals so that you are competitive, you can get your toe in the door with every other Tom Dick and Harry in the market.  Then you give the customer options that are appealing to them.  You're going to be able to quickly and easily upsell your job.  These options are desirable upsells that a lot of times the customers are going to want. There's a way to formulate your proposals to optimize the desire that's built into customers to have the very best of the best, and I teach you how to do that and are our mulch course at Steel Toe University.

Mulch = Dollar Bills

I can make more money on a quick easy mulch job than I can on demolishing a house.  I can make more money on a mulch of than I can on a retaining wall installation like this. The reason I chose to build a mulch course is because you guys should be able to do the exact same thing. Every time you see mulch you should be able to see dollar bills on the floor in front of your eye. Go to Dirt Monkey University get the mulch course.  Learn how to format your proposals. Discover how to create an upsell within the proposal.  Learn how to create make yourself go apples to apples and oranges to oranges with every other competitor out there to allow yourself the opportunity to create tremendous profits. There's a ton of money to be made in mulch, and I think a lot of people out there are missing that chance. How to Bid Mulch & Rock Course


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