Bidding and Estimating Stupid Mistakes Landscapers & Contractors Make when Pricing their Jobs

Stan: All right, guys, we're bidding and estimating today, but we're not just doing any bids and estimates. We're looking at some pretty massive projects. One of them is right here. Another one is out on another site.

Stan: Whoa, actually, guys, we're not actually going to go look at that other job, because I realize that it's a lot of numbers. These are big projects, and I don't want to overwhelm you and get you confused. Some of you guys really want to start learning how to do bidding and estimating, so I'm going to break this into two separate videos. 

Stan: Today, we're going to be looking at the project I'm on, and down the road we're going to be looking at another project, entirely different.

Stan: Now, you're going to see this huge variance between the numbers. On this job, guys, the low bid was $54,000, and the high bid was over $137,000 for the exact same job with the exact same set of specs, and it actually isn't surprising.

Stan: Don't let this get you afraid. 

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How to Bid Commercial Lawn Mowing, Lawn care, and Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Bidding Blueprint

If you're looking to break into commercial work, I'm going to give you the blueprint right now so check this out. The very first thing you're going to do is going to put together a nice letter. I'm going to give you a copy of that here in the video. What you're going to do is going to be very simple straight to the point. This is going to introduce your company to the property managers in the area. You're going to Google "Property Managers." Google is going to give you a list of different management companies. What you want to do is email a copy of your letter out to the various companies. You're going to spend a few days doing nothing but this is. It’s going to get you on their list for an RFP. RFP means Request For Proposal.

Townhome Associations

I’m going to break in here. We're talking about commercial properties. I want to give you the inside scoop on how to get your name in front of townhome associations and things like that. What you...

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