How to Bid Commercial Lawn Mowing, Lawn care, and Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Bidding Blueprint

If you're looking to break into commercial work, I'm going to give you the blueprint right now so check this out. The very first thing you're going to do is going to put together a nice letter. I'm going to give you a copy of that here in the video. What you're going to do is going to be very simple straight to the point. This is going to introduce your company to the property managers in the area. You're going to Google "Property Managers." Google is going to give you a list of different management companies. What you want to do is email a copy of your letter out to the various companies. You're going to spend a few days doing nothing but this is. It’s going to get you on their list for an RFP. RFP means Request For Proposal.

Townhome Associations

I’m going to break in here. We're talking about commercial properties. I want to give you the inside scoop on how to get your name in front of townhome associations and things like that. What you are going to do is create a letter specifically for the association (i.e. Pine Creek Townhome Association). You create a letter that says, "Dear Pine Creek Town Home Owners, do you have _____ and _____ as problems?" What you're going to do is identify some of the pains these people may be feeling and put them into the letter. You're going to give it to every home in the association. Those people are vocal. If they are having problems, they're going to their Board of Directors with your letter. You're going to be the answer man because you already know what issues they have. You've visited their site, so when they come a calling, you're ready to take over their account.

Request for Proposal

You're going to find that out of the blue these Property Managers are going to start mailing your requests to bid their lawn maintenance as the contracts come up. You're not going to notice anything right away, but slowly these are going to come in. To bid these commercial properties requires due diligence. A lot of times commercial properties have a 1-3 year or even a 5-year contract. So, you want to make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's by following this plan exactly. I was invited to bid 80 properties on a 3year contract. I had to create a rubber stamp system that I could use from one property to the next, but I had to know that every single thing was accounted for. It took me weeks of research to figure this out. I googled things on the forums. I couldn't find anything, so I finally created this. It is that I wish existed 5-10 years ago. This is a 7-step program, and I outlined everything that you were going to find in an R.F.P. (Request For Proposal). You're going to be able to pick and choose what you need.

Detail Makes the Difference

So, when you get these requests for proposals from commercial accounts, you're going to take out what you don't need. It's very easy to follow, but highly detailed.  The most detailed program that I have yet built. This is for you guys and girls out there to absolutely dominate and put yourselves on the exact same level as those big maintenance companies that are nationwide. These are the formulas they use. I interviewed the managers for those companies.  It took me a long time to put this together, and I worked with a team of people.  You are going to find this is the absolute best program to teach you how to do commercial lawn maintenance, hands down. No making a reservation. You don’t have to drive anywhere. No sitting in a lecture hall.  Just downloaded it to your computer and stick in the information in your brain fast. So, let's recap, to get invited to bid the commercial accounts, you're going to create a letter.  I’m giving that to you again right now boom right here. You can use a letter like this, but your own information.  ou're going to Google "property managers" in your area and send this to every property manager.  Typically you get a request for proposal twice a year.  Once it's in the property manager's hands, it never goes away because you get put on their list.

Letters for Every Homeowner

The second thing you're going to do if you want to dominate a townhome association is creating a letter specifically for that association. Hand it out to every owner in the association. You can go to Dirt Monkey University, you can download the commercial guide that we have for sale there.  It is the most highly detailed commercial lawn maintenance bidding system available.  This is the package that you need to go from doing residential lawn maintenance one year to dominating the commercial market.  It’s their formulas.  Once you have your hands on this thing, you will never let go of it. You will use this to dominate your area from that day forward. God bless.I love you guys and girls. I put my heart and soul into this program, and I hope that it helps you guys.  I hope that it answers the questions that no one else seem to be able to actually answer with a rock solid information.  This is a real bid, real job, and real numbers that I put together.  


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