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6 Reasons Businesses Fail & How to be Successful


Dirt Monkey: It's the Dirt Monkey here at Dirt Monkey. You have heard the stats; ninety percent of you are doomed to fail, seven percent of you are gonna struggle eating hand to mouth, and three percent of you get to live the American dream. That is total B. S. I believe every person should have a chance at the American dream, it's not reserved for the select few that know the rules. There are multimillionaires today that didn't exist five years ago. They didn't invent anything new they're just doing something that is already established but doing it better.

The absolute best companies in the world have entire teams of people thinking in unison all with one common goal and they're called mastermind groups. That's how small businesses get really frickin' big. Do this, and you will make tons of money. If you think you alone hold all the answers, then good luck it's insanity. Today I'm going to share with you six technical tips of the people that succeed already know, so let's get this...

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Job Description - Project Foreman

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Welcome to today's mastermind group and what we're going to be talking about today is almost  the key to growing your business. Phil would you say that this is a key key element to the growth of a very fast and often overlooked one.

We're very eager to get that first improve. Nothing feels better than hiding. Finding and hiring the right-hand man that leader that you're hopefully going to develop. Today we're going to talk about the written part of the job description.

The key things that you want to outline and we're going to make an extra emphasis we're going to put extra emphasis on your not hiring somebody to fit to accomplish tasks we want you to hire somebody for the outcomes that you want. And this is what's going to create longevity in an employee. This is what's going to provide the direction that they need and clearly outlined by the person that it is not just you have to be able to lift this much weight or...

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