Behind the Scenes Milwaukee Tools New Concrete, Power, Sawzall Blades Construction

You know those red and white tools that have been around since the 1920's? The ones your grandpa used to use? Some of you were commenting that they're now made in China. Let's get to the bottom of this by starting from the top. but I want to meet Steve he's the head of Milwaukee. Three, two, one Every year Milwaukee Tools throws an event to tour the factory and ask questions. Anything you want to know about Milwaukee tools. Here we have the torch with carbide teeth. We're going to be going through this A thirty six structural steel versus Oxyacetylene torch going over 5000 degrees. (counting: 1,2,3,4,5...17,18,19,20) Now it's rumored that the president of Milwaukee tools personally attends this event along with T.V. show hosts, writers, YouTubers and Instagramers.  Let's see how this goes. This is crazy. There are so many tools. There are so many cool people. I learned that there's an entire division of Milwaukee tools designed specifically to improve their saw blades. I am going through two quarter-inch lag bolts with a big hog with carbide teeth. They do nothing else but day after day they concentrate on improving the design of their saw blades. Can we do that one more time? Three sheets of durarock drywall and then directly into shingles with the plywood backer. But what you don't know about this test is that drill bit has been doing it over and over all day long.  They drop and abuse their tools, and then they give us a chance to do the same thing. These Milwaukee guys come up with some pretty creative ways to destroy stuff. Here you're going to see they conned Keifer from Tool-a-holic into taking a steel spike against your common outdoor work wear and then against theirs. Let's see what happens.  Pretty straight forward right? And now your jacket is ruined.  Now let's look at Milwaukee Grid Iron Polyester. Take a crack at doing the same thing.  So yes you can rip it but if you're still trying to go let me know it's probably on you and not so much. After torturing tools all day long it's time to do something else like finally tracked down Steve. I am with Steve the President of

I am with Steve the President of Milwaukee Tools. You have reinvested how much?

Steve: 200 Million In the last three years Stan: Just in three years. Now one of the big things that we see here is that Milwaukee Tools are manufactured in China but... Steve: We are a global company. We have two plants in Greenwood, Mississippi. There is one in Jackson, Mississippi. One plant is located in Wisconsin. And then our global distribution center for the Americas is located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Stan: And you employ over 4,000 people right here in the United States?? Steve: In the US we have over 4,000 dedicated to the Milwaukee brand of tools The truth is Steve really isn't that hard to get a hold of. In fact, I could have probably talked to him at any time. Then I wouldn't have had a video to make.  If you want to see all of the insane things that Milwaukee tools does at this event, go to my Instagram page. I have tons of short videos and clips. They're just for you guys. Go get them.  Here are a few more clips for you enjoy. Dan with Tools-in-Action has no clue what he's holding in this hand, but that is sheer genius. That is a level for concrete. This thing is the true multi-tool. That tool is beautiful. Who gets excited about this? Anybody that's worked with concrete - that's who. I am excited just listening to you man.


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