Best and Worst Lawn Mowers of the Season- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It's all about the lawn mowers today. We're going to talk about the best of the best and the ones to avoid like the plague with a little bit of a twist thrown in at the end. So let's get started.


A bit of a surprise today guys Toro makes it's one of the absolute best lawn mowers and one of the worst.  This Toro turf master is the absolute worst one. No matter how long I own it, I can't convince myself to like it. For a push mower, this thing is just way too heavy. It's overbuilt thus not allowing an operator to easily maneuver it. It is a commercial unit meaning it's meant to be heavy duty, but that doesn't mean it needs to be bulky and cumbersome. There is a lot of room for improvement on this machine. It's kind of like a little guy stuck in a fat suit. What?! The power that this machine generates just does not translate to the wheels and the wheels don't translate what power it does receive to the ground. Meaning the operator ends up doing all of the heavy lifting. Toro, I hope you have your listening ears on because you have a long way to go with this machine. In the small corners and the little areas up front here it's hard to turn around.  For a push mower, it should be heavy duty but, not HEAVY.  If you could grab that Cup Cadet or you can grab that Toro, which one are you going to grab?  On top of all this good news, there's, this lawn mower has broken down more than any other lawn more we've owned in the last three years.  It just keeps getting better and better with this Toro Turf Master, doesn't it?

Worst and Best?

Now oddly enough, besides making one of the worst lawn mowers ever they also make one of the best lawn mowers ever. Kind of makes you wonder if you've been dealing with the same company. I absolutely love these Grandstands phenomenal quality. In the three seasons that I've put on both of these units, I've never had a single issue with anything ever at all. With nearly six hundred combined hours in the two lawn mowers, I've never had one single mechanical problem yet nothing. Nothing that I can complain about in any way shape or form. It's tough for me to be able to give you some negative feedback on a lawn mower like this when I really don't have anything bad to say about them. The maneuverability and speed of these lawn mowers is absolutely phenomenal, but these above and beyond all else, they have been absolutely flawless lawn mowers. Toro's not paying me to say any of this.  In fact, they want to return my phone calls.

Cub Cadet

Now that hidden gem, the twist that I want to talk to you about, is this little Cub Cadet. This is my favorite part about this mower. It starts every time just by pushing this big red button right here! No pulling, no cranking, no choking, and nothing else! I love big red buttons! I'm going to teach you in under 30 seconds to use this Cub Cadet. Pull the safety lever back and push the giant red button.  When you release the safety lever, it automatically shuts the mower off. If you want to go slow, you hit this lever right here. If you want to go fast, hit this lever here. And if you need all four wheels driving at the same time, pull them both back and you will have a four wheel drive lawn mower. You can have a high speed or a low speed. You can have front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or you can have the whole thing driving at the same time. Really an intuitive design. One of the things I don't like about it is every time you release the bail, it automatically shuts off. It would be nice if it would shut off the blades only and leaving the engine running. So, if this switch ever fails, this is a relatively easy lawn mower to start. This battery actually charges just like a car would charge. Every time you're running, it's charging the battery so you'd never have to plug this lawn mover in. It's not a battery powered mower. S0 you don't ever have to charge it up, or plug it in, or mess with stupid cords. You don't have to do anything except for pull or push the button and you've got a lawn mower that's running.

Cub Cadet Improvements

They have two areas for improvement. 1. correct that bail so the lawn mower doesn't show off when you release it.  2. I can see where these plastic rims could be broken or brittle over time, so I'd like to see them make an improvement on these tires but it's a small area of improvement for the rest of the quality that they put into this little Cub Cadet.  I absolutely like this one more day in this video so you guys are let me know in the comments down below or hit the like button and also tell me what your favorite lawn mower is and which one you never would buy again. Now I have got a lawn mower to go and fix. And make sure you check back in because this beast of lawn mower made by Wright is getting its own review coming soon.


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