Dewalt vs Milwaukee Power Tools

I’m building an outdoor living room and it’s time to update some of my old tools.  I’ve always gone to Dewalt for everything. Then I realized except for saws. Every one of my saws has been Milwaukee. I thought maybe we’ll give some of the other Milwaukee tools a try. So I picked up what they called an M18 fuel. It has something called a "one key," and I think this one key thing is a bunch of malarkey. I think it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. This "one key" is like you hook up your smartphone to your screw gun. I’ll tell you straight up you not going to find any single one of us hooking our smartphone up to our power tools or drinking lattes at lunch. Plain and simple those two things are never going to happen.  So, that’s more of a sale gimmick. But, I decided to give a try it anyway. So I picked it up the first thing I was thrown.  I’m used to having a little longer gun. The typical Dewalt cordless screw gun has 80 newton-meter of torque.  I was wondering why there seemed like to be such a big difference in power in these screwdrivers.

130 Newton-Meter of Torque

A hundred and thirty newton-meter of torque. That’s the difference. I had no clue about it when I was using it, but I could feel it. You can literally just feel that this thing does not stop delivering. That’s why I like it so much on this job because it surprised me. When I picked it up and I looked at it, I wasn’t expecting much. Holy crap it’s all I’ve got say about this screw gun. The controls are so absolutely smooth and precise. It is almost like it’s an extension of your hand. I have never in all my years of using screw guns felt anything like this. Not putting Dewalt down. I’ve always used Dewalt, but I’ve never felt like anything that made the screw gun actually fell like an extension of my own hand. Absolutely phenomenal. So here’s I want to show you guys. It has like a fuel gauge on it.  It tells you how much battery life. At first I was like, "oh that’s just like another gimmick trying to sell the tool.  Stop doing stuff like that. Put the quality in the drill itself and quit trying to sell me a gimmick."

Battery Indicator Light

I tried to keep an open mind about that battery indicator light hoping that maybe it wasn’t gimmicky. Actually, I found myself liking it after using it for a day. I found that I was actually starting to check to see how much battery life I had left. It is actually a pretty cool thing.  This thing impressed the hell out of me.  That seems like a lot for a cordless screwdriver, but I really liked it just after building this outdoor living room. You are really putting this thing to a test laying down decking materials and torquing in four inch screws. I was crawling on my back trying to get in tight spaces with this thing. Freaking awesome tool.  Milwaukee makes great cordless screwdrivers. Hands down on par with Dewalt. 100% now. What is your favourite power tools and why? I’ve used Hitachi. I’ve used a lot of these other tools. Like I said, I’m a Dewalt man. Now I’m switching over and becoming a Milwaukee man.  


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