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Dewalt vs Milwaukee Power Tools

I’m building an outdoor living room and it’s time to update some of my old tools.  I’ve always gone to Dewalt for everything. Then I realized except for saws. Every one of my saws has been Milwaukee. I thought maybe we’ll give some of the other Milwaukee tools a try. So I picked up what they called an M18 fuel. It has something called a "one key," and I think this one key thing is a bunch of malarkey. I think it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. This "one key" is like you hook up your smartphone to your screw gun. I’ll tell you straight up you not going to find any single one of us hooking our smartphone up to our power tools or drinking lattes at lunch. Plain and simple those two things are never going to happen.  So, that’s more of a sale gimmick. But, I decided to give a try it anyway. So I picked it up the first thing I was thrown.  I’m used to having a little longer gun. The typical Dewalt cordless screw gun...

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