Empire Indestructible Level?

An Indestructible Level

A level is a tool of trust. What do you got in the gun Uncle Tom? Number five and number four ball gauge. You get the control point; you make sure your level is in good shape. What happens if you drop it? You have to trust that it's strong enough to withstand a few bumps and bruises along the way. So we're having some Sunday fun. And Empire claims to have the strongest level ever. We are going to put that to the test. Okay, you ready for this one? Here boys, catch. Here it goes. That was a good hit. That's about everything I've got! That farm cat has fast legs. Colten: It follows us, I like it. Tom: Still right on. Stan: Still right on? Stan: Turn it around; let's see how many damages this thing got so far. Stan: Boys stay behind that wall.

Uncle Tom Shoots the Level

Stan: What do you got in the gun Uncle Tom? Tom: Number five and number four. Stan:  Number five and number four, what gauge? Tom: Twelve gauge. Stan: Twelve gauge five, twelve gauge four. Tom: Ready? Stan: Ready when you are. Tom: That bubble still works, alright here is number five. Tom: It went through the glass. Stan: They went through it but they didn't break the... Colten: That's crazy! Tom: Here hold the shotgun over your shoulders. Penetrated it there but the bubbles... Stan: The bubble is still fine. Tom: Well I'll be gol darn. Stan: Break that bubble! Ready when you are. Tom: Ready! Stan: You okay? Tom: There is a hole in there but the twelve gauge can't break this. The glass took two shells. Stan: No way! No way! What are you going to shoot it with next? Tom: Hollow point 22. Bryce: Oh my God! It hit it, one of the pieces is right over here.

Breaking Out the Bubble

Tom: He is trying to break that bubble out of the Empire level. Hold that level up Bryce, how many times have we shot at that level trying to break it? Tom: Probably 20 times. Bryce: At least 16 times. Stan: Shot this thing so many times. I think that this distorted it finally. Come on boys destroy it, let’s see you destroy it. Not the old one, the new one. Bryce: Let’s see if we can. Stan: Do it like you mean it. Stan: The proof is in the pudding. So what we have is this level and a brick dropped on it, was used as a baseball bat and was dragged down the road at 40 miles per hour, and this one is brand new. Let's look at the results of the bubbles. Exactly the same between the two. The new one dragged down the road 40 miles per hour. Let's look at this level. What we got left of this level, we are going to test. We only got one bubble left, my uncle made it his personal vendetta to take these out with the shotgun. Literally, it has been blown up with a shotgun, I think six rounds went into it plus another 20 rounds with a 22. We got one bubble left and this is a brand new level. We actually have BBs inside here, but you can see that what's left of the level is still functioning. Absolutely, hands down the toughest levels that have ever been made. Can't kill him!  


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