Latest N Greatest Tools from Milwaukee - Including Chainsaws, Hand Tools, & Cordless Power Tools

Speaker 1: On go, alright? Three, two, one, go!

Speaker 2: Milwaukee tools puts on an event where they show off off all of the chains they make in the tool lineup, plus they release all of the tools that are going to be coming out in the next year. And this time guys, I'm bringing you along with, and showing you everything that they showed us.

Speaker 2: Alright guys, we're at the Milwaukee event, and I'm gonna take you with me because we got a really jam-packed day, and I think a lot of this stuff you guys are gonna enjoy. We're gonna be looking at all the latest and greatest tools and innovations that they're gonna be bringing at you before you guys get to see it in the stores.

Speaker 2: Alright, one thing, let's get something clear before we get started. They're not paying me to do this video. I did this because I figured a few of you guys would be interested in this, and so this video is for you guys. For the rest of you that think I sold out by doing this video, I really don't give a- [dog bark 00:01:25]

Speaker 2: Alright guys, this is a radius light by Milwaukee, they say it's rated for dropping, they say it's rated for your jobs life conditions, they say its tough.

Speaker 3: There we go.

Speaker 2: Put the second battery in.

Speaker 3: There we go.

Speaker 2: You're gonna drop it, you're gonna bump it at your site. But not often are you gonna have somebody pick it up over their head and give it a toss like that. If it can handle that, it can probably handle what you guys are gonna throw at it.

Speaker 2: -test the durability, they say it's job site durable.

Speaker 3: There we go.

Speaker 2: Woo hoo. That's pretty tough.

Speaker 1: Running right now is through about 12+ inch ash. For those of you that are unaware, ash is a hardwood, so this is about as demanding of an application as it gets for a chainsaw. We're gonna be running head-to-head against a gas chainsaw from the number one manufacturer of chainsaws in the world. So let's see how we do. Alright, three, two, one, go!

Speaker 1: Pretty gnarly lock.

Speaker 2: Yeah, lets do it again.

Bill: Three!

Speaker 1: Can I run ours?

Bill: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Oh no, you can't have a Milwaukee guy against me, I want you against me.

Bill: Alright, let's go.

Speaker 2: Uh, cut! Are we recording?

Speaker 1: Hey, you dared!

Speaker 2: Hey, we got- This is a brand new chainsaw. It's been cleared. Brand new?

Speaker 1: Brand new. I bought it Sunday, and we used it Monday through Wednesday.

Speaker 2: You heard it, right? Brand new.

Bill: Can I get it fully charged?

Speaker 1: Brand new saw, we switched out chains this morning.

Speaker 2: Alright. So after we're done with this test, I also want us to look at the shavings.

Speaker 1: Okay.

Speaker 2: 'Cause these guys are saying these aren't new chain on this, what they're saying is they're old chained up. I'm gonna give it hell.

Bill: Can I have a fresh battery? Do you want a fresh battery in here? Fully charged, or it doesn't matter? Okay.

Speaker 2: That's up to Milwaukee. Do they want to switch batteries? [crosstalk 00:04:35]

Speaker 1: I mean I prefer it to be full, but Let's do it anyway.

Speaker 2: Somebody give me a countdown.

Speaker 1: I'll do it. On go, alright? Three, two, one, go!

Bill: Woo!

Speaker 2: Alright, come on in. I wanna look at the shavings. We got 'em on my feet, we got 'em on yours. They're gonna say that this is got, this is an old chain, but that's not the sign of an old chain. You don't get chips like that from an old chain. So mine is new shavings. Or I mean it's got chips. His has got chips. I noticed mine was bogging down the more pressure I gave it, so now we're switching. Let's do it again.

Bill: Okay.

Speaker 2: You get the gas powered one. Alright?

Speaker 2: Who's gonna do the countdown?

Speaker 1: I'll do it again. On go, alright? Three, two, one, go!

Speaker 2: That's got good power. I mean I'll tell you straight up. From the feel of it, from going from that to this, there's a lot more power. And there wasn't- You know I was noticing as I was cutting I was stalling. Did you get that kinda sensation?

Bill: On this one?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah, I definitely saw it on that, where that one was more consistent power all the way through.

Speaker 2: Yep. Agreed. Agreed. And that's not just my opinion, that's Bill.

Bill: Bill.

Speaker 2: Yeah, Bill from-

Bill: Bill from [inaudible 00:06:50]

Speaker 2: There you go.

Bill: There you go.

Speaker 2: Shout out.

Speaker 2: Alright, now I know some of you guys get into some insanely heavy duty work, and they've got a new one inch impact out there that, I mean this thing is nuts. Watch.

Speaker 5: Woo! Ladies and gentlemen, not only was a battery-operated tool able to match the corded performance, but it was able to exceed it.

Speaker 2: We're looking at the new 12 amp power battery on their cordless circular saw. This is like butter.

Speaker 6: One of our cordless competitors here in the middle, and our brand new fuel seven and a quarter inch saw on the far side. Now what you're gonna see, we're gonna lock one each one of these tools, they're gonna race to the end. When they finish, you're gonna see their times come up on the board on how fast they can complete that application.

Speaker 6: Pretty quick, right?

Speaker 2: And what you're looking at here, guys is a brand new release coming out this year, and it's a nine inch angle grinder, and it absolutely doesn't seem to have any problem delivering power. This guy was having a little too much fun trying to get it to stall out. He did this all say long, and you can see what he's doing to it.

Speaker 2: When I grabbed it I noticed there was no gyroscoping, and there was definitely no loss of power. I couldn't get it to stall out no matter what I did to it. I think this thing is gonna deliver just like they promised when it's released.

Speaker 2: Alright, guys, we're gonna do a demonstration. We got a whole table full of what are these? Half inch hammer drills and we're gonna run one after another after another. Let's just do this. We're gonna run 'em right through the wood. This one stalled out. Now this is the Milwaukee newest one, let's see if this one will run through. [inaudible 00:09:29] Let's grab a different one, see how this does. Alright, we got one last one to test out. Let's go back and test this one out. Yeah. Could you notice it? I'm asking my wife 'cause she's nodding her head. Did you notice it?

Speaker 7: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Yeah? Okay. I just wanna make sure that you can actually see the difference.

Speaker 2: Alright guys, the reason I'm asking my wife is because it's really hard to show something that just kinda goes by feel. But when I put that hammer drill against the wood, it was just like a hot knife through butter. It just felt good against the wood. That's what she said.

Speaker 2: Got a brand new M18 table saw. Absolutely no lack of power on that. None. No hesitation. It's dry wood I'll give you that, but there was no stalling or stuttering or anything. You guys see it.

Speaker 8: Milwaukee stunt line of tape measures. The world's first grip and wear resistant tape measure. So there's your old tape measure blades. If you pinch it or accidentally step on it, tape measure breaks in half. With the Milwaukee stunt line of tape measures you can do the exact same thing, the tape will bounce back into place.

Speaker 2: Where did you step on it?

Speaker 8: That was right here. It'll go right back, and go on with their day. It's extremely abrasion resistant as well. You can put it through the most grueling of applications, and the numbers will not wear away.

Speaker 2: My favorite things from Milwaukee are their hand tools and their lights. They were talking about five second startup, and it's just as durable as you would expect from these guys. Bump it, drop it, do whatever you want with it.

Speaker 9: Demolition screw-driver. Here's one we've been pounding on all week. For the haters we can (puts full wight on vice.) So you can see it lasts a little bit longer. Here's the cap and the piece that flew off.

Speaker 2: This one cracked. Is this actually a demolition screwdriver though?

Speaker 9: It is marketed as I believe a demolition screwdriver. It's got the strike caps.

Speaker 2: Alright guys, well this was a three day event that I tried to break down to about 13 to 15 minutes, but if you guys want to see more, I absolutely have tons more footage that I could deliver to you guys. So give me a big thumbs up, or leave me a comment down below letting me know that you want to see more videos like this. And if there's anything else you wanna see, I read every single thing you write me, and I listen. So let me know in the comments down below, God bless you guys, go get 'em.


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