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Speaker 1: Alright. Let's do it.

Speaker 2: We can't do it. We can't get air-time.

Speaker 3: That's it. Sorry.

Speaker 2: We can't do air-time?

Speaker 3: It's all about tools and innovations from across the country at different trade shows, and with that being said, there's one coming up called the GIE, the Green Industry Expo. If you guys haven't been to it, that trade show is phenomenal. I mean I would highly recommend if you have any one show to go to, try to check that one out, but if you can't, maybe this will feel a little bit like you're there today.

Speaker 3: But, if you can go, they sent me a link for 50% off your door fees. 50% off to get inside the show, so they said I could share it with people, so I'm going to stick it in the description down below. Why would you pay full price when you can get in for half-price? Anyway, let's go check out some cool tools and innovations.

Speaker 3: Alright, guys. This one is so new, it hasn't even...

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What NOT to do with Heavy equipment. Warning signs & mistakes in a 60 ton rock truck #1

Stan: You're going to learn how to drive a 60 ton rock truck today. But besides learning what to do in it, you're also going to learn the things to avoid so you don't end up rolling it over like the guys on Gold Rush did on one of their episodes but I owe a big thank you to two people today, the first off is Volvo, I put this idea to them and they're sponsoring this entire series on how to run heavy equipment, but they're not here to try to sell you their equipment so if you're looking for a review on rock truck and excavators and pieces of equipment, you're not going to find any of that there. This is strictly a how to run heavy equipment, just to get new guys in the industry familiar with the in's and out's, the do's and more importantly, the don'ts of running heavy equipment. 

Stan: And the second person I owe a big, I mean a giant thank you to is my wife because I brought her with me to Pennsylvania just to be my camera operator so I could put these videos together. And...

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Latest N Greatest Tools from Milwaukee - Including Chainsaws, Hand Tools, & Cordless Power Tools

Speaker 1: On go, alright? Three, two, one, go!

Speaker 2: Milwaukee tools puts on an event where they show off off all of the chains they make in the tool lineup, plus they release all of the tools that are going to be coming out in the next year. And this time guys, I'm bringing you along with, and showing you everything that they showed us.

Speaker 2: Alright guys, we're at the Milwaukee event, and I'm gonna take you with me because we got a really jam-packed day, and I think a lot of this stuff you guys are gonna enjoy. We're gonna be looking at all the latest and greatest tools and innovations that they're gonna be bringing at you before you guys get to see it in the stores.

Speaker 2: Alright, one thing, let's get something clear before we get started. They're not paying me to do this video. I did this because I figured a few of you guys would be interested in this, and so this video is for you guys. For the rest of you that think I sold out by doing this video, I really don't...

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