Review of the Echo PB-77H Backpack Blower

We’re going to do a review of this Echo PB-77H Backpack Blower. Now the first thing I can tell you about this blower, in my opinion. I’ve used it for quite a few hours, and is this thing is a beast. When I use this thing, I can actually feel the torque.  When I trottle it up, I can feel it shifting my body back.  So, if you guys are going to be using a machine like this, synch the padded straps tight.  Don't leave them loose hanging on and then throttle it all at once. Can you actually feel it?  Yeah. It pulls me back.  I've noticed that I have to have the straps tight, and when I throttle it up it pulls me back.  Which is not back, because when you're buying a blower, you want power. You've used this blower more than anybody else.  What are your thoughts?  Works good. Runs good. I mean, it has a lot of power.  In can clean out rock beds and grass and all that stuff. You've run this thing over and over again, day after day, time after time.  You weight like 120, and this thing weights 26 pounds.  How does it feel?  How easily can you handle this thing?  It's hard to pick up off the ground, but when it's on my back already, it's not bad. So even though it weighs about 20% of your body weight, you can strap it on and walk around without too much issue?  Yeah, it's pretty heavy though. I want to show you how this thing.  I know you guys know blowers, so don't get me wrong. But, I'm going to show how this thing set up. This button right here is your off. Click it once. Now you're in the starting position. Then this is your throttle, so when you want to throttle up, you just idle it and you can blow all day long. And if you really want to get it going, just throttle it all the way down. Get ready for the hurricane. It's light weight.  It's kind of like carrying a backpack. So one of the things it's almost deceptively light. This is what I've noticed about this blower, but it's actually kind of heavy. I'm going to look up the specs to see how heavy it really is, but it's is so well balanced that it doesn't really feel like you're carrying anything. You know my 17-year-old daughter can carry this thing around. But the thing is if you carry it around all day long the end of the day you feel it. You don't realize one of those things that kind of sneaks up and punches you in the gut.    


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