Timber Retaining Wall, Artificial Turf, Belgard Paver Patio

Week 1

We are about one week into a major renovation project and we are working on by far the most dangerous hillside we have ever worked on. I want to try to give you an idea of what we're working on. If you look at how steep the slope behind me is, so we've got a two-tier retaining wall.  We have our lower tier behind me that extends up about 6ft tall. This entire slope was very steep and covered in a rose or control plants that have large evergreen trees on it. We've created this middle level area which is 14ft deep and then we've built the second reinforced timber retaining wall. This middle terrace is going to go to the blue lines behind you. That is going to be a putting green.  This putting green is going to be a pretty awesome feature.  Around the outside of this putting green is going to be a rock or chipping area. This is the part that makes me nervous. Every time it comes down, I can't help but hold my breath. It's been in and out about 60 times.  But without this machine, it will be impossible for us for us to get into this backyard to bring all of these materials in the main area.  We’re going to have a paver patio around the outside.  It's going to be a Belgard product. Look this was the slab in a lavender color which is absolutely beautiful paver. We’re going to watch this machine go up hill. I don’t know if you get the sense of how steep this area is.

Back Out

You'll see the front of the tracks actually lifting off and this is one of those powerful mini speed steers that it's on the market. So, right there, is a very dangerous and steep point. We have a very experienced operator, but we want to use extreme caution on any job that we're working on a steep hillside and there are even jobs that we turn away if the hillside turns out to be too steep or don't have the right equipment for it. So, I'll bring you more, starting to rain pretty hard here, I'll bring you more information as this project progresses. But we're going about a week into it we have both the upper and the lower retaining wall built, we are compacting right now for the base of the pavers, which is a crusher run material road based material, compacted early and with clipboards getting very wet. So, I will bring you more as this project progresses.


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