Western Snow Plow Review

We're going to review the Western MVP3 snow plow, and I'm going to recommend you watch this video before you pull the trigger on buying.
<h5>Western MVP3</h5>
I absolutely love the lift and hooking system on a Western snow plow. How they actually attach to the truck. But that's where the love affair stops. Western MVP3 plows need dramatic improvement. Today I'm going to show you two identical trucks and two snow plows put on within a couple days of each other. One of the cutting edges on one of the trucks is gone, and the other cutting edge is absolutely fine and in good condition.
<h5>Western Snow Rep</h5>
I called up directly the Western snow rep. I had him come up to my house and take a look at this. And I got absolutely nowhere. I didn't get a good answer. I did learn that there may need to be some micro adjustments in the T-bar of the actual snow plow to keep it from biting more. If this is the pavement this is your snow plow to keep it from biting more into the pavement.

Personally, I find that to be a bunch of B.S. If you've got a micro adjusted so that you don't get it to bite more and you have that makes so much of a difference in a snow plow that you'll have a blade. In this case today this truck had completed $2,000 worth of snow plowing, and the blade needs to be replaced at a cost of over $450.
<h5>25% Back In</h5>
When you do the math that means 25% of the total earnings of the whole system goes right back into the cutting edge on this western MVP3. Furthermore, on that exact same truck, that plow has already been into the shop for repairs. One time it was under warranty, but it still shouldn't be touched. Where

Where this exact identical blade? It has not had any issues whatsoever. Inconsistency in manufacturing is what I'm finding from this. Now I want you to make sure that we understand all of the conditions. These are two trucks working on the exact same lot. Sometimes they pull up simultaneously right next to each other. There are times that we actually put the blades of one truck with the blade of the next truck and we use that to plow. That's how close together these are they work the same hours. All the same condition to snow plows should have absolutely no difference in wear.
<h5>More Bad News</h5>
But my disappointment with the Western snow put doesn't stop there. We're going to look at the controller on this western snow plow. A very good point was made by Tim where we had just tested out a Case skid loader that had hand controls. We've been trained for decades to do hand and foot controls.  Within 6-8 hours we were running the Case skid loader with hand controls only pretty efficiently. But now you give us this new Western controller. We've got 40+ hours on this controller and it's still into it. It's got an eight button pattern with small buttons in and a wonky pattern. Plus, on top, you have to use the two separate functions. So you have two buttons, and when you hit the button one time it'll make the left wing move out and you hit the exact same button a second time and that same wing will move in.
<h5>Controller Issues</h5>
So if you're trying to scoop with this button, the first time you don't know it's going to go forward or backward. And so sometimes you try to scoop and the plow is was going backward and you lose your whole load. Not a very good controller in any way shape or form. So between the manufacturing flaws, the micro adjustments and the t-bar that you have to make to make sure that you don't get too aggressive in cutting edge. You wear through a cutting edge, and you don't know it because you're a snowplow guy. You're not a technician. You're out making your living moving snow, and you can't make a living when you put in 25 percent of your income back into this the cutting edge on this plow.

Between that and the controller.  After 40 plus hour you can get familiar with it just feels wonky. I don't recommend this plow. Plain and simple. And in fact, I told the Western rep when he came out to take a look at my snowplows side by side, "You want to take this back. It's hardly used and I don't like." Now I'll keep the one plow. The one western. MVP3 for continued testing.
I want to see how this plow functions after multiple seasons. I would love to get my hands on a Western White Out and put that to the test. Compare that to the Western MVP 3 because right now, I'm going to give the Western MVP3, the plow itself, a rating of 4.5 out of 10 stars. Not a very good rating.

I'm going to give the controller on that western MVP3 a 1. The worst controller I've ever put my hands on. I've had Boss controllers and I've had Hiniker controllers, and this is by far the worst controller you have the option. If you still want to buy an MVP3, I'm going to recommend you probably try out the joystick controller. I found out from the rep is available at no extra charge. but they sell 90%of them with the button control
So for my service for Western has been overly impressive either. I contacted the Western rep directly, and we will see how they respond. I will keep you updated and further videos to the issues that I brought to their attention at this point. The rep came out took a look at it and told me I needed to contact my installer which makes absolutely no sense to me. This just puts barricades in front of a problem trying to keep more people from actually coming up with a solution. I'm talking to the rep. from Western and I'm showing him the problem face to face. He should be the answer.

It should have nothing to do with the shop that installed the snow plow. That makes no sense whatsoever. But he asked me to go back to the shop that installed it which I did while he was standing with me. So we're going to see how Western handles this issue. Be careful you're out buying Western's MVP3 snow plow. I would definitely look at other options.

Please subscribe because the next video I'm going to do on snow plows we're going to actually compare a V-Plow with a straight plow with wings. We're going to talk about efficiency and which plow is better for snowplowing commercial, residential lots, for carrying capacity, for longevity. That's a huge factor in these. I go walk through every single component that we need so you can make the right decision. If you want a V-plow or you want a straight blade with the wings.


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