The fastest Snow plow ever made -16′ Monster back plow Finishes a driveway in seconds Bat Wing Plow

Stan Genadek: Just plowed a driveway out in under 20 seconds.

Stan Genadek: I thought I knew all about snowplowing 'cause I've done it for 30 years, until I went to Michigan into this one area where they get lake-effect snow, 100 plus inches per year. Now I've gone out snowplowing a total so far this year of nine times. These guys have gone out 48 times. This is like snowplowing 2.0.

Stan Genadek: Their equipment is next level. They've got the be able to move massive quantities of snow as fast as possible, and what I found when I went to Michigan was they're kind of on a different playing field than we are over in Minnesota.

Stan Genadek: I made it. This is the home of Short Iron Fabrication. I love shops like this. This is my kind of people right here.

Stan Genadek: There's the man. There's Jason. How you doing, Jay?

Jason: Good. How are you?

Stan Genadek: I'm good. I'm good. So, this is the little 12-footer you're working on.

Jason: Twelve footer. Kind of an entry-level blade.


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Snow Wolf Paws for Using a Skid-steer to Plow Snow

Snow Wolf Paws

Today we're going to talk about one of the simplest modifications you can make to almost any skid loader that will dramatically improve its performance for snow removal.  You're also going to see a demonstration that under any circumstances, I do not want you to attempt to duplicate. I shouldn't have let it be done for this video, but I wanted to show you how dramatic this slight modification makes to its performance. It doesn't matter if you run case, New Holland, Bobcat, Caterpillar. All skid loaders suffer from one common weak point and that is their tires on the ground. They're designed for mud.  They're designed to help the machine flow, but in a snow removal application, that same design becomes its Achilles heal. Now allowing the tires to properly grip the pavement, I strapped a set wolf paws under one of my Bobcats. The change was like night and day. Look at how it just holds it in place.

Spinning Tires

You see that? You see how those tires are...

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Snow Wolf - The Dumbest Snow Plow Ever Made for a Skid Steer

So I'm here at the Snow Wolf manufacturing facility and what I want to show you is called the Quattro Plow. Stan: I want you to put it in the back drag position. Colten: What’s that? Stan: All the way over, fold the wings backward.

Containment to Back Drag

Stan: We call this the "dumbest snowplow in the world" because it doesn't get any simpler than this.  You can take the snowplow from a containment unit to a back dragging unit with no special connections. Stan: Now I want you to pull the wings forward, that is called the containment position. Alright now fold them back. That's back dragging!  This would have to be on the front of a caterpillar you could put it on a Bobcat you can take this off this machine put it on any single skid loader without any wiring without any connections. Stan: Sonny is going to show us how easy it is to hook up... Stan: One hydraulic hose, two hydraulic hoses, not even high flown as necessary to operate this, simply unplug this one, you...

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Western Snow Plow Review

We're going to review the Western MVP3 snow plow, and I'm going to recommend you watch this video before you pull the trigger on buying.
<h5>Western MVP3</h5>
I absolutely love the lift and hooking system on a Western snow plow. How they actually attach to the truck. But that's where the love affair stops. Western MVP3 plows need dramatic improvement. Today I'm going to show you two identical trucks and two snow plows put on within a couple days of each other. One of the cutting edges on one of the trucks is gone, and the other cutting edge is absolutely fine and in good condition.
<h5>Western Snow Rep</h5>
I called up directly the Western snow rep. I had him come up to my house and take a look at this. And I got absolutely nowhere. I didn't get a good answer. I did learn that there may need to be some micro adjustments in the T-bar of the actual snow plow to keep it from biting more. If this is the pavement this is your snow plow to keep it from biting more into...

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