Snow Wolf Paws for Using a Skid-steer to Plow Snow

Snow Wolf Paws

Today we're going to talk about one of the simplest modifications you can make to almost any skid loader that will dramatically improve its performance for snow removal.  You're also going to see a demonstration that under any circumstances, I do not want you to attempt to duplicate. I shouldn't have let it be done for this video, but I wanted to show you how dramatic this slight modification makes to its performance. It doesn't matter if you run case, New Holland, Bobcat, Caterpillar. All skid loaders suffer from one common weak point and that is their tires on the ground. They're designed for mud.  They're designed to help the machine flow, but in a snow removal application, that same design becomes its Achilles heal. Now allowing the tires to properly grip the pavement, I strapped a set wolf paws under one of my Bobcats. The change was like night and day. Look at how it just holds it in place.

Spinning Tires

You see that? You see how those tires are spinning? These tires are specifically designed to grab into asphalt and bite through this snow. Look at all those tires bite right into the pavement. The improvement in the performance of this machine was way beyond anything that I would have ever anticipated. Now I've heard that a good set of winter tires on a skid loader makes a dramatic difference, but I would have never thought it made this much of an improvement in its performance.  The traction is unbelievable You can see right here where the operator is gently gliding like a ballet dancer in and out of the cars.  I would never let an operator do this if he had a set of regular mud tires on the skid loader. At any time if those tires let loose, that machine could easily slide out digging a car and ruin all of your profits. But with these Wolf Paws on, there was no break in the traction and the perceived power of the machine was dramatic. You and I both know that snow doesn't weigh a whole lot even when you get the heavy wet stuff.  Machines usually suffer from loss of traction before they suffer from loss of power.

Better Performance

When you put on a good set of tires on a machine, you eliminate that part of the equation altogether. This gives you a better feel and more control allowing you to do more with exact same piece of equipment. If you're looking at making a change to your machine to improve it's performanc,e the first thing that I would recommend you do is look at getting a good set of winter tires. I've only tried the Wolf Paws, but I've had amazing luck with this set of tires. I want to hear it from you. I know you guys are running with tires and you're running other brand names. Tell me about your experience with some of the other tires out there. God bless go get him what he waited for.


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