Caterpillar Skid Loader Vs BobCat Skid Steer at the GIE-Expo

Stan: This is just a massive machine. You notice that they pointed out they all face you. They all face the operator. I love what you said, they're not hidden back here. He's a grease Nazi, I found out. They call me the black Nazi, here's the grease Nazi. Every eight hours. But if you're missing the zerk, if you can't find that zerk, do you think that zerk is gonna get greased in 8 hours? No, then what's gonna happen is your pin is gonna wear out. When that doesn't get changed in time, then your bushing's gonna wear out and then you've got a big dump.

Travis: With something like a grommet like that, matters. We figured that out with Bobcat, it's kind of what I like about the Caterpillars, that the attention to detail is there. The price is higher, but things like that are not really happening on a- She said every 50 hours one light's gonna go out.

Stan: Oh, on a Bobcat?

Travis: Yeah.

Stan: I buy used Bobcats all the time. 

Travis: The plate over the lights is a good solution,...

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Review of Terex PT-50 Skidsteer

The Terex PT-50 is a pile of $#!^ dressed up to look like a skid loader. From its engineering to its power and performance, this thing is the redheaded stepchild of skid loaders. Wow, why don't you tell us how you really feel? As someone that owned and operated one, I'm going to share with you everything that I have learned for the three months I was stuck owning one. Today I'm going to cover the engineering, power performance of a Terex PT-50 so that you guys can make the right purchasing decision.

What was I thinking?

The story goes: I just needed a new track Skid Loader to get through a few projects I had coming up. I've owned and operated many Bobcat, John Deere's and New Holland, but I wanted a new toy to play with. What a fun experiment to try out a new Terex PT-50. It turned out it wasn't that fun, and that's where it all went downhill. The Terex PT-50 is meant to be a mid-size tracked skid loader but that's where the comparison to other skilled loaders ends.  So the...

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092: Jake Hatch - Landscaper to Entertainer

Jake Hatch of Black Sheep Skid has taken the skills he learned as a landscaper and transferred them into a form of entertainment.  Using his skidsteer and no safety equipment, he puts on a show that delights and terrifies audiences (and sometimes his clients, too).  Stan chats with Jake about the progress he has made with this endeavor and where he wants to take it in the future.

Links from this episode:
Black Sheep Skid
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Case Excavator, Bulldozer, Tractor review

New Equipment

So you are looking at buying a piece of equipment. Well, there's three generalizations that you should examine before making any purchase decision and this will cover everything from lawn mowers, to bale loader, to skid loader, to excavators. The first is power in productivity. When you purchase that machine, is it actually going to deliver what you expect it to? Number two is quality. When you purchase that machine, is it going to continue to deliver results long after it's paid off? That’s when the machine gets profitable. Number three is so absolutely important, that it is broken into two separate subcategories. That's serviceability; how well can you dig into the machine and maintain it, and then if you do have a breakdown what is the local shop like that you have to bring it into. That is a key factor in making a purchase decision. I'm going to be using CASE equipment as my guinea pig today and we're going to see how they hold up to these three important...

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Snow Wolf Paws for Using a Skid-steer to Plow Snow

Snow Wolf Paws

Today we're going to talk about one of the simplest modifications you can make to almost any skid loader that will dramatically improve its performance for snow removal.  You're also going to see a demonstration that under any circumstances, I do not want you to attempt to duplicate. I shouldn't have let it be done for this video, but I wanted to show you how dramatic this slight modification makes to its performance. It doesn't matter if you run case, New Holland, Bobcat, Caterpillar. All skid loaders suffer from one common weak point and that is their tires on the ground. They're designed for mud.  They're designed to help the machine flow, but in a snow removal application, that same design becomes its Achilles heal. Now allowing the tires to properly grip the pavement, I strapped a set wolf paws under one of my Bobcats. The change was like night and day. Look at how it just holds it in place.

Spinning Tires

You see that? You see how those tires are...

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Case SR270 Skid Loader & Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Today we're reviewing the Case SR270 skid loader and an Arctic sectional snow pusher. I call this a bullet proof plow system for a reason so let's get started. The first thing that I want to point out is this is a sectional snow plow that has versatility with a minimal amount of moving parts. There are no hydraulic hoses to connect. There's nothing that can blow out on you in the middle of the night during a major snowstorm. You have two simple connection points that you use with your quick attach coupler. You're hooked in and that's it. Yet this is a true snow pusher that allows you to do things that other snow pushers don't achieve. They have the ability to go up to a curb line and back dragged away from a curb leaving a very clean edge. Watch this thing. Look at that; it goes right up. Another thing that this snow pusher does well is contouring to the parking lot. It will literally hug the different elevations in a parking lot leaving it bone dry -...

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