Case SR270 Skid Loader & Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Arctic Sectional Snow Pusher

Today we're reviewing the Case SR270 skid loader and an Arctic sectional snow pusher. I call this a bullet proof plow system for a reason so let's get started. The first thing that I want to point out is this is a sectional snow plow that has versatility with a minimal amount of moving parts. There are no hydraulic hoses to connect. There's nothing that can blow out on you in the middle of the night during a major snowstorm. You have two simple connection points that you use with your quick attach coupler. You're hooked in and that's it. Yet this is a true snow pusher that allows you to do things that other snow pushers don't achieve. They have the ability to go up to a curb line and back dragged away from a curb leaving a very clean edge. Watch this thing. Look at that; it goes right up. Another thing that this snow pusher does well is contouring to the parking lot. It will literally hug the different elevations in a parking lot leaving it bone dry - almost like squeegeeing off the parking lot. See how that lot there has a film of snow left and the lot next door has been scraped right down to the bare pavement?  It does this with no moving parts.

Floating Trip Edge

It has 2 edges on either side and a floating bar in between. That means each section can fit the contours of the parking lot which gives you a cleaner scrape. Watch how these independent sections they have multiple trip edges. They have a trip edge on the blade and everything. Its ability to float over obstacles is absolutely phenomenal. Manholes are no longer an issue. If you come up to an obstacle, the individual motor that hits it will not only raise up but it also has a trip edge that will snap back underneath. So we are going to watch how this sectional pusher handles a curve. He's going to come up to it now. Watch how the wings lift up. It's the pusher those will come out. Now see that trip edge catch? The whole thing catches and rocks over giving you a very clean edge without tipping your entire load. I love when innovation can keep things simple but take it to the next level.

Case SR270

Now let's talk about this Case SR270. As a snow plowing unit, this thing is phenomenal with best in class visibility. You've got a wide open view point with this machine. Bobcat has outstanding visibility, but Case's wrap around windows can't be beaten. As an operator, your loader arms are set low enough giving you almost 360-degree vision around you. When you're trying to operate in between buildings and in and out of cars, it's critical that you're able to see everything. It has a joystick control unit. It also has a selector switch right next to the joystick allowing you to use one joystick to control the machine the other to control the bucket. If you're not trained in that format, you flip a button and then both joysticks control the machine and the buckets giving you freedom of choice to fit your operator's needs almost instantly.

Bulletproof Snow Plowing System

I call this a bulletproof snow plowing system because this Case SR270 combined with an Arctic sectional snow pusher allows an operator of almost any skill level to crawl inside and become productive almost immediately. There's not a lot of intimidation. There's not a big learning curve with these things.  Yet it still moves know it still allows you to back drag away from curbs. It gives you best in class visibility with an easy to understand operator control panel. It's clear the Case paid attention to a lot of feedback that the equipment operators have been giving them. The best way for you to tell if this is the right machine for you to actually go give one a test run at your local dealership. Now I want to hear from you guys if there's something you want to see in a video or a review of a piece of equipment please put it in the comments below and I'll see what I can do God bless go get em.


What I actually want to look at the windows on this machine. I would say this is best in class for visibility. Like a caterpillar loader, they actually have a camera in the cab because you have so little visibility. On a Bobcat there is a bar across the back that blocks your visibility. This thing is like you are sitting above the boom arms giving as much visibility as you can possibly turn and spin and see. We are just talking about visibility. That bar's not a big deal, but there is that bar on the Bobcat.  It has less visibility than the Case.  


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