Case Heavy Equipment Review

Case Mini Excavator

I've run every single excavator brand that's ever been made, and I took on the challenge of doing a review on a Case mini excavator. And I'm going to tell you, it was my job to find a flaw in this machine. When I do an equipment review I don't want to just give you all fluff and not give me anything critical to take away from it, but I couldn't find a problem with this machine. I have literally never run a better excavator for size, weight, and power in my life. When I got into this machine, it was very intuitive. It was almost second nature. It was the way I like my controls laid out, but that isn't a critical element. You can always get used to the way a machine is laid out. The absolute most important factors are just two factors. You're pulling power on your bucket is one of them. But even more important to me than pulling power on the bucket, is track power. I would tell you that it is very easy to get yourself in trouble in an excavator. You over...

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